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The Kapil Sharma Show Season 2 Episode 155

Today, I am Writing About The Kapil Sharma Show Season 2, Episode 155. I hope you are enjoying it.

Written By Ishwar Chaudhari

Updated at April 04, 2021


Krishna act on Stage
Image By Youtube

Archana, we’re close to the entire film industry. Everyone loves us band we love everyone. But for superstars, our Kapil Sharma Show is like his home.

Yes. It’s because he comes here quite often. Okay. Sometimes, more than us. This will be his silver jubilee on this show because this is the 25th episode.

OH, my God! Amidst your applause, I’d like to call the person whose arrival takes away our peace.

Please welcome the fittest actor of the industry and a powerhouse of energy, the one and only superstar Mr. Akshay Kumar! Amazing!

You look like you’re coming straight from the moon. You look amazing. Can’t we go to the moon? Can we just return from there? But you.

I have to go there to return from there. No, Archana said that you look like an orange which she wants to drink. Yes. Didnt you say that?

Welcome to the show. This is something I can’t say to girls. Okay. I’ll stick my chest out and say that I love you, Akshaye.

Make a chest for yourself first before sticking it out. You’re right. But he does look fitter than before. Yes, he’s better than before.

I was talking about it backstage.

Okay. All those of yours sitting back there. Actors. Yes, actors. They asked me how to make their cheeks go inside.

Okay. I told them that when they exercise. Yes. When. When doing push-ups. Okay. I told them to do it like this. Really, your cheeks will go inside. Okay.

It’s true, Archana. When I entered the industry, my weight was 79 kegs. Okay, And Even now, I weigh around 80 kgs…81, 80. At your heights, it’s amazing. Wow.

I can’t do those roles. People come to mean asks me to put on weight. I tell them to get lost and hire someone else. That I won’t do such roles.

They ask to get very lean. I dont want to do that. What about the other films? Yes. He has to work on 10 other films. What of those producers?

Yes. Akshay. We have to think about such things. Of course. Wow! Akshaye is the favorite actor of the producer. Because they know they can complete the film quickly.

He will finish shooting fast. Right. And those who don’t get up early he will wake them and pick them up from home. He picked them up and took them to London in his own car.

There he finished shooting the film and came back. Seriously, we saw you in an ad where you told us not to get out of our houses.

But He went abroad. When did I tell the motto to go out of home?

I mean, you told us to be careful. No, I told in that ad. You should go out with proper safety and do your job. That was the ad. Yes, sir. Don’t tell wrong things about the ad.

No. Ms. Archana, do you know. What? It’s Mar. AK shay’s silver jubilee on our show. Amazing! He did more than25 episodes.

That’s great, sir! And whenever he comes. Everyone knows this. Sir, tonight, our entire caste very excited that it’s your silver jubilee on our show.

So, everyone has brought small gifts for you. Really! So, they brought gifts? Yes, gifts of their choices. With your permission, shall I call them?

Sure. Come on, everyone! Where are you, people? Please come. Look at this! Hello, sir, congratulations!

Congratulations, sir! Happy silver jubilee. Well, thank you very much. Thank you very much. I feel emotional today that you people brought so many gifts for me.

Yes. You people are doing a wonderful job. Thank you, sir. Well. Their show comes for two, days a week. Yes. They bring a new punch line.

They must be thinking hard. I’d request you alto give them a big hand. Wow! Thank you, sir. Wow! Sir, thank you for your love.

Keep the gifts there and let’s start the show. How can they just keep those gifts like that? Let me see what’s in there.

Yes. No, see these after you reach home, sir. Why? No. What’s the problem with Sherwani?

Sir. Give your gift. Your gift, first. What’s it? What have you brought, Bhoomi? That’s a lovely, amazing book! ‘How to become rich and successful?’ You’re giving it to him?

Have you read the book? Have you read it? If you had read it you wouldn’t be taunted by everyone. You speak a lot. You earn well.

Have you ever given a party on this show? You guys tell me. Has she invited you home? Never. She has never given any party?

No. Has she brought food from home?

Now never got food from her. Never. Kiku cannot say this. Sony TV, deduct one episode’s fees, And all of you can party at her expense. I’m serious.

Thank you, sure? Yes. Done. Mar. Bacchae, come. Mar. Akshaye. A small gift from my side. Is this small? It’s small according to its size. OH, hollow at this.

Well, Bacchae Yamahas gifted me, Tajo Mahal. Oh! Mar. Bacchae, which place’s king is, I. Am your Mumtaz that you’re gifting me this?

You dont know to give a gift too. Does anybody gift Tajo Mahal? It’s beautiful. Romantic. Okay, keep it here. Mr. Chandan, come. Let’s see what Chandan has got.

Yes. Have you brought two gifts? No, this is Kepi’s gift. Okay, Kepi’s gift. Kepi’s gift. Take this.  Why are you taking Kepi’s gift?

Great question. That’s a great question. Can anybody guess what he has brought? Yes. Tea? Tea kettle? He has brought a money plant. So sweet.

He still thinks planting it at home will give him money. Is this what did you think?

Tell me the truth. It works.

Does it work?

You can earn money only by working hard. And your money plants Kapil.

Instead of watering this plant, you should water him. Okay, no problem. But it’s a good gift. Thank you. Thank you. Okay, next.

She carries the burden of the whole world. MS. Title. Yes. Your gift seems to be good. OH, hot! There are many things. She has brought crockery.

Crockery? Mix and match crockery. Mix and match. Bowls from Raju Tent House. Plates from ‘Gaushala‘ Committee.

You are doing four shows. Couldn’t you bring a good gift? What is this?

Look at this. This mug is stolen from the railway station. Great! Look at this. It is written on this. What? Art Effects.

This has been stolen from there. Title! This is from another on Sony TV. Keep it. You earn so much. You and your husband earn well.

Both. But you still dont feel ashamed. They are looting people. Come, Krishna. Happy anniversary. Thank you very much.(Kapil Sharma Show)

For 25 episodes. What is it? He has brought a hen clock for me. He is a hen clock for the world. Give this clock to the people who sleep the whole day. Look at him. Wonderful!

Ms. Archana, take a look at his gift. Look, this gift. Everything that is here, and looks at their car scout side. I’m telling you the truth.

Look at the cars in which they travel. And look at the gifts that they’ve given merit’s their feelings. He owns four flats.

One has a flat in Lokhandwala, and One has a flat in Juhu. One has a flat in Bandra, and these are the gifts they’ve given me.

No worries. My gift is also there. So, let it be. Is it yours? Yes, actually. Will I take it? No, I mean, let’s open it later.

Why? Open? Let me open it. This?

Money counting machine! What is that? It’s a machine used to count money. It is his machine that he has gifted me.

He is taking half the earnings of the industry. Right! But I did give you a gift, sir. Yes, you did. But some didnt bring any. I didnt know actually. (Kapil Sharma Show)

Anyway, I wouldn’t have got any. But I have this for you. It’s my smile! My sign. She replaced a big politician! And she can’t even give away Rest. 100!

You should be ashamed of yourself. I am, a little. There must be something on the table. Give me that. Not that but your car keys!

You have once already run away with my car keys. Me? Yes. When? In another episode. Right? It must be someone else. It might be Akshay Kumar.

Right? No. Only this Akshaye can be so mischievous. But I must say, you are the stingiest guys I ever met. Anyway, jokes apart thank you very much for getting me these gifts, guys.

I, too, have a return gift for you all. Wow! Thank you, sir. Wow! Yay! So, come on! You to come here, please. Men and women shall stand on separate sides.

Where do I stand? With the men. Bharti, come here. Please bring the gifts. What is this? What is this? Look. Oh, God! Oh, my God! What is going on? Hold this. Sari?

I have seen those wearing saris. You will get 1.5 minutes. They will drape a sari. And in 1.5 minutes, they will find out whether it is easy or difficult to drape a sari.

Okay? Your time starts now! OH! Gosh! But we. Come on. Sumona, you will beat me! Come on. What happened? Gosh! Darn.

That’s great, Kapil! Hey, Kapil, great job! What is this? Do it properly. Are you ready? Ready. Yes, okay, stay there. Ready. Done.

Okay, time is over. Stop! Look! Not bad! This is the way to drape a sari. Look at this. It’s nice. This is another one. I have two years of experience. Of what?

Of draping a sari. No, you have done it right. Perfect? Third one. What have you done? Draped a sari or a blanket?

I tried. This. Sir, this is it. What is this? Your pajama is leaking from your sari, it seems. I can’t even. It looks like you draped it in installments. (Kapil Sharma Show)

Gosh! You can’t even drape a sari. Ma’am, you have done a wonderful job. Obviously, you know. Thank God I saved my prestige. Thank God!

I saved the reputation of the girls. Give them a big hand! This? Now, I would like to tell you what a beautiful thing a sari is.Krishna act on Stage

Image By Youtube

Absolutely. And a woman looks very beautiful in a sari. I want to tell you that. So, guys please welcome Kiara Advani. Too good.

So, earlier, they tried to drape a sari. He was the worst dressed. He can neither handle a show nor a sari.

God knows what he can do! MS. Archana, you may go, if you want to. Okay. Yes. So, come on. Too good. Would you like today, Ms. Kiara?

Well, I love it. Who are you talking to? There’s no one here. Welcome, Kiara, and you look very pretty.

Thank you, and they look even worse now. What a terrible way to drape a sari! Guys, get back. Yes. Let’s go. Go, guys. Thank you. Give it up for our artists!

Come. Sir. Kiara, you look very pretty. Thank you. The lighting here is such that it makes everyone look pretty.

Anyone who comes here looks pretty. Actually, honestly, I want to thank you all because I think after a long time, there’s a show that’s so joyful, and we all look forward to it, I think.

Thank you, Kiara. A big round of applause to you all. Sir, there were two kinds of people in the lockdown.

One who became fit and others, who messed up. Right? Some swelled up. And I noticed that Ms. Kiara has always been beautiful, but she looks prettier now.

What did you do during the lockdown? Someone close to him is used to make These lades. The makeup guys. I thought you spoke of kin. He used to make sweets.

My grandpa? The makeup guys. I am sorry. The lockdown happened after we finished shooting.

For the Bur Halifax song, and whenever he is used to eating it, I took a bite and I missed it’s I said let me learn how to make these.

So, it is a modified and contemporary version. Not allude but it became cookie. And I got for all of you. Let us have something sweet.

I did not understand what you said, but I did enjoy it. No problem. Just eat it. Amazing! A girl giving a cookie means the match is fixed.

It is super healthy! It is super healthy. Actually. Likewise, It is delicious! I made these! You gave some to her, and she will now want more.

I wanted to have a side business about making these and cookies. It is actually very nice.

It is super healthy. No sugar, no gluten. Did you make it? I did. I swear. To my wife, I am being fed sweets by Kiara Advani. I’ll share the recipe online.

It is a cookie, not a laddie did not even see it. But it does play around. It takes to be swallowed.

Try shoving a banana inside. And a smooth ride. Kiara, thank you for a beautiful and yummy cookie. Thank you, sir. Most welcome.

As I was telling you all Mr. Akshaye has had Silver Jubilee, and even when you are not here we somehow keep you here.

Be it a topic about you or in some other way. We cannot call Rohit as he is not here. We cannot get Ratfish now. Let us call Krishna here. Krishna. Look at him walk.

Tell me, Krishna. Are you not gone mocking your uncle that you mock me? Sir, it was the lockdown.

Yes, And this is the Kapil Sharma Show’s first episode since the lockdown. So, you remembered me?

I did it post lockdown. But four days ago he did it. Let us have tithe lockdown is a stilling effect. An act about four days ago. Let me see i.e. did nothing.

Kapil is caught now. So the world is at home in lockdown am I telling you all work more here than these guys. I am all over in this show.

Come on now, it is fine. I’ll deal with you later. I will get you. Okay, sir. Akshaye, I want to ask you. When people copy you, how do you feel? Do you see yourself in them?

I never walk like this. I do not know where they got this idea? It could be the heel factor, and I can say that. But what is this? I. And the voice? Do i.e. never did it.

What was that? It is dubbing guys. Go on do it. You all must be safe. MS. Archana is the second film of Kiara with Akshaye.

So do you like the character or waking up early? You are spoiled when you work with Mar. Akshaye. As you work elsewhere and you know pack up is at six.

We never woke up so early in the morning. Is that so? The first time we shot on a Sunday as well. Sir said we can go ahead in the lockdown. It was not me! Not me!

You did say that! Ask your manager! Ask him! He is the one that said it. He said that you had to leave hence to wrap this up quickly.

That man over there! Do not lie! Do not! Sir asked me how many movies, I was doing, and I told him I was inspired by him, and he launched me, and so, I must live up to his standard.

Look at that?

Kapil Sharma Show She praises me at every show for launching her, and she goes even higher! It is so much fun. Let us all have a seat.

Come. Kapil Sharma Show A big hand for them! You know Diwali is a festival of wealth. Is this the reason for the release on Diwali? I never thought that. We had a date before lockdown.

Was it March? May! But got pushed by the lockdown. So when Mr. Modi announced the lockdown of 21 days your entire calendar must be ruined, right?

Do I only have 21 days in my calendar? No! He earns all the year. Yes. But he does not want to be met do the same.

I heard that you shot all ads which you had scheduled for the next five years. I did, I finished them all. How many of them?

About 12, I guess? People cannot do such ads even on normal days. And you did so in a lockdown period. So what? You must be happy.

Tell me, why must I not do so many shoots? I am so pleased. It does not seem to me. That is not it.

Kiara, I was a bit jealous of one ad that he did. Which one? There was one.

One for which he was the brand ambassador, And I did not take it. It was later given to me know, do not make that face.

No, it is fine. No one earns as mochas this man does here. Kapil Sharma Show Once I did go to his house. And that is a huge house. It is bigger than mine.


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