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Special Operations India: Surgical Strikes

Indian Army top-secret mission

Hello Friends, I’m Coming with New article Special Operations India: Surgical Strikes. This article is based on the real story of the Indian Army.

Written by Ishwar Chaudhari

Updated at May 9, 2021


For terrorists disguised as Indian Army soldiers cross the line of control.

And enter India their target the military installation in the town of theory.

The attacker dawn claiming the lives of 19 Indian soldiers Indian paratrooper special forces arrived at the scene special-Operations Strikes.

India surgical strikes Operations by the time the Special Forces arrive the suicide attack is over.

VRAM not clear for militants snuck up to the army base by the time.

We had moved in the office already over those work as I said already been eliminated by the units.

We were lifting body bags and our coffins and transporting their way we have to in America you do that we have suffered no longer in my men especially.

The loss of Indian lives shocks the nation even the loss of life of one soldier is extremely painful, and we had lost so many that day.

We have the event this incident we cannot let the sacrifice of our brave soldiers go in vain.

That would require a substantial amount of damage to the enemy for the kind of damage.

That thereby the time of course.

Everybody had made their assessment of all the agencies.

Where these people came from who were the attackers for decades.

India has been the target of terrorist attacks from across the western border.

The URI attack is traced back to the IMO her month a terrorist organization based in Pakistan.

Pakistan Occupied Kashmir

They are one of many terror networks that operate out of Pakistan Occupied Kashmir.

Or Pok the Pakistan military actively supports them.

We know the number of recruiting which are taking place from terrorist training camps, armed militants.

They are brought to launch paths from these outposts Ferrymen squads are launched into India.

These launch pads are close to the line of control or LOC separating India from Pokay under protection and cover fire from the Pakistan Army.

These terrorists infiltrate to carry out attacks on Indian soil on the political side there were no high-level meetings with the NSA.

The Defense Minister the army chief everyone it was very clear.

That some kind of very demonstrative retribution, also will have to take place the URI attack could not go unanswered.

The Indian government decides to take military action to destroy terror launch pads across the line of control.

I believe that you can’t heat add army and then go and hide it across the line of control the options included airstrikes by the Indian Air Force and long-range artillery fire.

And it has gone outside we can also you know come across, Likewise hit you on your side hidden Tatami had the capability.

Or had the well and the leadership to really execute it on the ground, also make it a reality the operation would have to be surgical the decision is made in.

There would put boots on the ground across the line of control two of the Indian Army’s elite paratrooper Special Forces units operating Strikes.

Then anyone else the enemy under the watch.

How do you carry on the reconnaissance?

Wait to be requisitioned a top-secret mission?

And ready for action they Modi’s offer on the minimum member maximum impact but you did not have any requisition.

These faceless operatives leave behind no footprints equipped with state-of-the-art weapons the para SF is a lethal force.

They are the best of the best laughing come under the kind of messes of reducing.

This is the true story of India’s surgical Strikes.

That follows strike team one led by major acts and Strikes team led by major Zen on their deadly mission.

The identities of the men leading the mission remain undisclosed.

When would instant cook place we are actually fully ready?

And prepared to launch surgical Strikes Operations in PE okay at very short notice.

Or started building up in my head various options.

That we had and thereafter I would go and present these plans to today.

It’s a high-Strikes machine with zero margins for error on the other hand in political circles.

The Prime Minister has given an informal directive.

They have then presented a plan on the 23rd of September for multiple targets.

Selects six targets did this complicates the planning process hugely.

These targets are on enemy territory with varying terrain.

And spread out at considerable distances a simultaneous attack is impossible for multiple teams.

Would conduct the operation strike teams one and two are assigned to targets in north Kashmir.

But before they can Strikes Operations they must watch at plan major Z.

observe the enemy

Their job to observe the enemy at close quarters and gather detailed Intel major Z.

And his team leaves home base the recon mission Operations Strikes has three key objectives one to scope the best route to cross.

The line of control to 24-hour surveillance of the target and three to put together a fail-safe exit plan.

All along with DLC a lot of built-up areas a lot of villages there are enemy informants everywhere which are largely the main hippie.

The surprising aspect wrapped up terrorist infiltration routes crisscross these pine forests majors adds.

You have to keep tracking the noises, likewise, you generate just stay as small as possible.

You walk cautiously it takes years of training to master stealth.

But things can still go wrong meanwhile a hundred kilometers away from major acts.

And his recon team leave from their home base they pick their way through trick for us in the Pippin job it’s an isolated route.

And with good reason, just inches below the ground anti-personnel mines.

They could blow apart the men and the mission from the places.

Their mines have moved training and caution pay off major X and recon team 1cross the line of control Operations Strikes in the leaper Valley in Pok.

Natural features demarcate the LOC in several places it is not all fenced off crossing over is challenging but not impossible.

Meanwhile, majors end and recon team two have already crossed into Pokay near the remote our uncle sector.

Both theRecon teams are now behind enemy lines from here on they are on their own.

The stakes have never been higher than Pakistani posts 24/7 patrolling.

And surveillance drones keep an eye on all movement somewhere.

In the early morning, we could hear some noise in the sky recon team one freeze.

Them down they’ve detected the mission.

The team waits until the drone has passed now speed is the key.

They must make up for lost time every moment spent in enemy territory is fraught.

With dangerous first objective of the recon is now complete.

The teams have found the best route to the terror launch paths across the line of control finally both Recon teams.

They have eyes on their targets the teams take a position for some men to get as close as 250meters from their target.

Camouflage makes them invisible to the enemy objective two is to gather every bit of intel on the target.

The teams know that there is a lot of riding on them in every detail.

This critical to a foolproof Special Operations plan 24-hour vigil begins to see

And the target layout map without weapons what weapons, likewise, they are carrying and the general pattern of them enough.

Whom they would play some games sitting together in the center of the post thinking.

We are assets who are working for the Josh and Alisha ten teams.

That the number of terrorists had increased in.

With one surprise strike my lost late start so reducing.

I know by the time it’s 8:00 in the evening everything dies down at major X’stargets.

Things have quieted down for the night then suddenly.

The pattern of enemy fire soon it’s clear this is only speculative firing its common practice to fire the general direction from.

The attack is most likely only to deterrent the enemy was still unaware of the Recon team’s presence in major X.

And his men lie low and hope no enemy bullets find they adorn the firing stops it’s time to get out of the enemy territory.

The teams have all the Intel they need every component of the target the exact number of strengths over.

There and one of the places we also knew the name of the terrorists the commander.

Who were their majors as men are positioned on an 80-degree incline getting out of here may be tricky sir ropes are tied.

And left behind for a swift exit now for objective three of the recon the exit plan find the shortest and safest route back.

This is crucial after the Indian assault Pakistani posts in the area were likely to open fire failed safe exit.

The plan could be the difference between life and death the targets would now be under 24-hour surveillance.

Unmanned aerial vehicles beam live feeds back to Special Forces headquarters it was time to plan.

The assault major X and major said picked the best man for the job each operator has chosen was a specialist in his own skill.

All the men had been serving in value for like 15 to16 years now attack positions are assigned, to specialist squads.

The strike teams will carry a deadly arsenal the rocket launcher team’s objective shock.

The enemy destroys infrastructure and supplies the primary target field storage living quarters.

The machine gunner’s objective disables the enemy with heavy fire primary target open areas in the terrorist launch pads.

The sniper was able to take out sentries and enemy fighter’s positions to retaliate their primary target posts bunkers.

And trenches the close-quarter school team would use assault rifles.

And grenade launchers at close range objective shoot to kill primary target remaining terrorists the plan was simply to go in all guns blazing desired.

The result in the destruction of the targets in the assault window was 15 to 20minutes minimum force or maximum effect.

I think that was the bottom line as far as surgical strikes we just bring these thumbs around.

We have built up in only one and body time to walk.

And I told them that chief the response in here to any failure will be mine.

The entire character for success will vocally so that police outstanding officers and meant we know just go ahead and execute.

I think this kind of action and the paratroopers is like a made for each other the reference to lady care was maximum attrition to the enemy.

And no manual so our team which was by becoming almost ready to sacrifice itself you need some guarantee of the nation’s standing.

There not deserting them the assault teams are ready it’s time to take the operation to its final stage reach them all well.

I feel that well I was very sure that they will succeed but at the same time in these matters.

The change the luck plays a role strike team one sets out there’s no turning back now.

And you must a major axis team was airlifted from home base strike team one is dropped off in an unmarked landing zone military trucks.

And civilian vehicles take the strike force to strategically chosen drop-off points.

We’re just waiting for the right time and then the correct phase of them.

For the insertion parties, this applies to the 93 in my op Center.

I had kept my keeps under watch and a lot has changed since the Recon teams were here a few days ago.

The strike teams are larger the weapons heavier had ammunition stock massive beast it was a long wait especially.

When your men are out and off, the danger of being discovered is greater than the Recon and homework.

They are both strike teams that reach the line of control safely.

And undetected major axis team is now in enemy territory major said steam crosses the line of control.

From here on every bit of Special Forces training will be put to the test the outcome of the mission.

They will depend on the team skill experience and courage major Zed’s rocket launcher team is tasked with.

Cause the most damage to the target the rocket launcher has tremendous back lasts and needs 40 meters of clear space behind.

Otherwise, the shooter could suffer serious burn injuries, but the terrain poses a challenge his painting was about 80 degrees.

And a secure firing position created on the steep incline strike teams won and to take assault positions both teams would attack at first light.

It’s a waiting game meanwhile over 300 kilometers to the south in the general region.

Special Forces Strike Team blow up a terrorist launch pad the surgical strikes Operations have begun one of these types had already gone through.

Within minutes of the strike in one stop, it begins preemptive firing all-around their launchpad strike team one.

He is willing to take a calculated risk as teens still undetected, so he holds off his attack and waits for the first light.

He was the party to move Applause it wasn’t me especially when everything is visual and you know your men are moving you can hear them out.

And what’s happening around the enemy fire dies down strike team one.

Who are really in harm’s way would they all come back safe ii was also we knew that next morning.

India would wake up switch on the televisions and see the Army.

How it was our time Indian paratroopers Special Forces strike Operations behind enemy lines the assault of Terror launch pads.

They are surgical and intense India’s enemies suckled Hrothgar.

Every team was Latinos onto the target do not Emir.

The strike is sudden the firepower devastating.

The enemy is really the terrorist launch pads are founded by Indian Special Forces target 2.

This team actually exit plan they opened up.

With everything they had and everywhere they could they need to get out.

And get out quick in the shortening intervals.

Between bursts of gunfire striking Operations to time their exit perfectly in the meanwhile.

It strikes a walnut continued to unleash destruction on the target.

unleash destruction on the target

The assault windows closing and it’s time to move out but heavy Pakistani fire is now raining down on them.

They ex filtration meaning things like no matter it was the speech of the effective range of these weapons.

Both the strike teams make it to their rendezvous points they are still behind enemy lines a quick check.

He has ahead towards the line of control the thing which is that was just to come back home.

Strike team to a back on home soil striking Operations one cross the line of control into the Kashmir Valley.

My sum up we’ve hired quarter that the method goes back to the LC after New York.

I report to Army headquarter only once everyone had come back but luck could still ruin best-laid plans.

Boys had stepped on a mine a Special Forces operative has stepped in an anti-personnel mine.

It blows off for part of his foot the team medic can only provide combat first-aid.

But to save his foot he needs to be evacuated.

And fast major X radios in a strike Operations team to reach the evacuation blew down.

The final deeply from off the Indian Army.

Indian Army conducted surgical strikes Operations last night at these launch pads the operations were basically the people were very upbeat.

They always expect their security agencies and the political leadership more importantly to rise to the challenges.

And me to take the bull by the horn we have the capability.

Or the will part to do it again and it required again.

And again the idea was a small model than physical it was wonderful to see the mood among all these people.

You know the confidence that suddenly came after having successfully sort of carried out I think that is the biggest source of satisfaction.

India will always love to have peace we don’t want to continue this kind of change situation because of the economy.

Or both countries could prosper actually it was a win-win for India in every respect both in terms of boosting the morale of the army.

We’ve seen the morale of your domestic population towing decisiveness of the political leadership and also being responsible international players.

I was happy personally I would say that every soldier waits for this day.

When he is called in to do something for his country Mooching for us.

Across the globe, India’s paratrooper Special Forces Operations stand ready for their next.


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