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Indian Army Special Operation Myanmar

Hi guys, My new article Indian Army Special Operation Myanmar. I hope you enjoy it.

Written By Ishwar Chaudhari

Updated at May 11, 2021

A convoy of the Indian Army is all ruled from chandelier district in Manipur 2d map of Nagaland only a few kilometers into their journey.

The attackers have melted into the forest eighteen Indian soldier.

They are martyred it is one of the worst militant attack, also in the northeast.

India in more than a decade the Indian army.

It would respond with lethal force Domino’s presents special operations in India.

Myanmar is powered by Raymond and Indian oil following the Army attack in Manipur Chan tale district.

The security establishment acts swiftly immediately after the incident took place of the attack on the Army.

Meanwhile, India’s Home Minister calls a meeting nothing for the attack.

Suggests the attackers came from across the Indian Army Mar border India’s north-eastern hundred-kilometer long border with Myanmar.

Formerly known as Burma the reaction was that with impunity that people cannot become and crossing the border.

And, operate on the Indian territory with the weapons that they brought from outside many insurgent groups.

Operate in the Northeast waging a guerrilla war against the Union of India.

Militant groups have camps along the Info Myanmar border the need of our a counterinsurgency operation.

The Indian Army calls in the best men for the job.

I thought it would be better to use these Special Forces as a unit of the Indian Army’s parachute regiment Special Forces or para SF an elite fighting force.

Their insignia the knock Chhatrapati Shivaji is the weapon of choice and a symbol of the proud Muraki warrior tradition vlog is a tiger.

And, nook is the tiger claw these soldiers are jungle warfare specialists they operate in the most hostile.

And, impenetrable tropical jungles every mission in this terrain is first a battle against nature.

Their training is amongst the best in the world para SF is a master of stealth and unconventional warfare.

They fight the guerrilla like the guerrilla para SF activate the intelligence assets to zero in on which group had carried out the ambush and where they were

Hiding by the 5th morning we had water confirmation which you’ve actually done and cleaned.

Also, while the attack was executed by a crew that belonged to various insurgent groups the ambush was planned.

And, coordinated by a militant organization called the National Socialist Council of Nagaland Kaplan or the NSC MK.

That is the pollination for all this of the incidents of northeast they are the ones who keep shelter providing jobs.

And you take money weapons the NS C and K are ruthless.

And dangerously well-organized they’re more or less like an avocado boutique.

They wear their uniform at five there is accessibility they are well-trained in IDs.

Their secret weapon improvised explosive devices or IED deadly crude bombs made out of household items IED are easy to camouflage.

And, conceal these bombs are virtually impossible to detect it’s just a lot you see at first it is fine.

guerrilla army trains hard in jungle survival

But, then it’s like that searching for a needle in a haystack it is difficult the motor so clearly, Steve here from insightful Rob’s this guerrilla army trains hard in jungle survival.

And hit-and-run tactics fluency captain mom’s game they keep changing the civilian population funds the NS C and K.

But not wittingly they have a piece of very well-oiled machinery.

Where extortion is a big business ransom kidnapping drug-running threat coercion.

And violence is the means of extortion, so they have got to be neutralized.

And there should be a very strong Indian deterrence against them by the end of the day.

The Special Forces have confirmed Intel on the militant hideout the camp is 10 kilometers across.

The money port of Myanmar border spread over 1.5 square kilometers the camp is a major hub of NS C and K activity 250 armed.

Militants are estimated to be there the target was fairly large well-fortified well strengthened so it was decided.

That you needed to hit them where it hurts them because these are larger camps.

And they are at the heart of their operations.

And, their existence but additional intelligence complicates matters intelligence people told us and give us the information.

That they were redeploying themselves mobilizing themselves and probably.

There could be another attack information that suggests that the militants may be preparing to carry out more attacks.

So we thought that it must take preemptive action.

And strike fast it was a high-risk mission which required a lot of planning the target.

The territory on foot in 24 hours terrain dense jungle target NS C and K militant camp spread over 1.5 square kilometers 250 militants estimated armed.

And dangerous objective destroys militant camp day 9th June 2015 starting now it’s a 90-hour countdown to the strike.

After a detailed discussion we decided to launch the operation on the night of 8 9 June 2015 she is asked will she be able to do it.

The team leader has only one problem striking such a spread our target would require sizeable force.

And they were in Delhi without these men.

It would be impossible to neutralize the target the Chief of Army Staff makes the call.

The Special Forces operatives in Delhi get orders to report to money for the reinforcements.

The mission is over they have been quarantined Operation Hot Pursuit is on a convoy of the Indian Army.

The Special Forces strike team is now on a 90-hour deadline for their mission to seek and destroy the NS C and K camp.

The men get down to business each operative knows that when the nation comes calling they will have to be the best.

They’ve ever Beam this is going to be one of the toughest missions of their lives time to get the show on the road.

Generally meant a beautiful deception play the Special Forces operatives travel on a military convoy disguised as infantrymen of the Bihar Regiment.

The strike force travels east from m-file to the last Indian Army post near the international border.

With Myanmar, it’s a nine-hour journey and risky there are insurgents operating along with the money for mine Mar border.

Myanmar, it's a nine-hour journey and risky

They move around freely in that area edge of the Nāga Hills close to the money poor

Myanmar border now it’s a 50-kilometer race against time to the target operation.

Hot pursuit is underway 24 to cover that 50 long-term.

We had absolutely no options each operative is carrying 35 kilograms of battle load a deadly arsenal of weapons.

And ammunition secrecy is vital but there is a price the roots they have chosen is a tropical nightmare.

We took a very difficult in a very long route even sunlight does not penetrate the densest parts of these jungles.

The terrain is unforgiving danger lurks in every corner the humidity tipping ninety-nine percent.

It’s soldier versus wild as the day progresses the temperature rises each step saps more energy.

Finally, the operatives get some respite they have reached the last Indian village.

Beyond this slice the end of Myanmar water.

There is a protocol that allows the free movement of people from either side up to 16 kilometers into Myanmar each other’s territory.

Therefore the insurgents also take advantage of the area’s full of informants.

A strike team will have to approach with extreme caution.

it’s a waiting game they leave the last village behind.

But, as they get closer to the international border of Myanmar the strike team runs.

They will have to maintain complete radio silence but the general.

And the team leader has a covert communication plan, so he had the radio said to them.

And I had a radio set every two to three hours we would give me a kind of mother tone.

On the radio set to say all was well and so long as that mother doesn’t keep coming to me.

I knew he was progressing well the strike team is at the international border here a river divides.

The two nations will deviate from walking on 50 kilometers.

And we were dead tired they are now 10 kilometers from the target.

But they’re running behind time the clock is ticking any delays would mean aborting the mission in the dark jungle.

It is impossible to navigate your visibility inside the jungle is not even 5 meters you can’t take all your night sit.

And keep looking we don’t see anything the only thing they can rely on now is their trusted compass, and they are really going to need it.

This is uncharted territory the going is slow the path uncertain they are short of time the mission is under threat.

They are now in the insurgent’s backyard the militants have the advantage.

And the insurgents have eyes everywhere they have sentries who are well ahead of the camp to detect for any movement.

That may be taking place there’s movement in the Myanmar jungle someone is approaching the team goes on high alert.

They will this blow the mission Indian special forces are on a 90-hour deadline to destroy one of the largest cans of the insurgent group.

The NS C and K camp lies across the Info Myanmar border.

Applause could these men be in force a quick interrogation reveals.

they knew that we said well now we’ll use your expertise.

With my boy, the hunters are reluctant to go any further locals are forbidden from entering the jungle near the militant gaps.

Finally, the Recon teams have visual on the sentry posts over the next 12 hours they gather all the Intel.

They can we are to be extremely cautious that we don’t get detected and that we detect the insurgent camp any sentry.

Before they detect us because if he takes the first shot then the surprise is lost then, but we could understand.

You this are the feature this is the targeted the team leader plans a three-pronged assort strike.

Team one and two would leave at midnight they would attack the camp from the north and south.

Or they wanted a head start off to us to lay the adjacent of the jam.

Strike team three would hit the camp through the main entrance in the West in a daring frontal attack the finalists all.

Their senses sharp this is their moment it’s time to make good their pledge to the nation.

And to avenge their brothers in arms who lost their lives to militancy the operatives go deathly silent.

Indian paratrooper Special forces are within striking distance of the NSC NK militant camp in Myanmar.

They are waiting for midnight to begin the assault but suddenly gunshots ring out.

Then the dilemma started have we win knighted if I adorn our presence has been born then after some time around.

Then we started getting certain more noise for the other side, and they were putting the posh horn and well.

The situation is dire the Special Forces can afford no casualties suddenly know our plan is born for a six.

We were supposed to work well the assault plan falls apart gunshots continue till 3:00 in the morning.

The firing stops but the assault window is closing they have only one hour to go it’s now or never the battlefield is full of surprises.

But these men are trained to expect the unexpected time to improvise all 35 of us was portal front of the strike.

The team leader takes 15 men and heads in the direction of the last gunshot they will track the militants back to the camp the climb is steep.

team leader takes 15 men and heads in the direction of the last gunshot

And slippery you have to actually climb on all fours by around 3:45.

We were able to buy that height then.

We could see their footprints, and we decided we follow the footprints we just walk done.

There was a big regular route which was grating in the same agenda.

And we found a huge game tip huge fence was there the team has visual confirmation of the target we call up.

The rest of the troops to fetch operatives enter the insurgents there the men spread out.

And, take up assault positions at around five o’clock in the morning I didn’t receive that battery now.

They’re going for it the battle is about to begin some of these men may not survive.

But Dead or Alive India special forces never leave a man.

Behind India’s para SF are seconds away from launching the assault on their target an NSC and k.

Militant gap arraigns to avenge the death of 18 Indian soldiers killed in an ambush.

And they make it count they were just a hundred meters away from us that was the best position to fire on that camp.

We until all our heavy emanations from the camp are much larger than estimated and the militants spread out.

But the Special Forces managed to destroy everything in sight after 30 minutes of blazing guns be opp.

They need to get out of here and fast some surviving militants try to cut off their escape route.

We saw that our own seven-eight days of their militant staying to come towards our sake.

We started having a firefight with them.

But they are no match for the Special Forces the Hot Pursuit has ended.

Its venue opened up on the radius.

And, it spoke to me he said sir we’ve done what we had gone for.

That was on as the Special Forces make their way back home news of the success spreads across India early morning.

The first thing I did was birthday information across 2 p.m. also see it’s a proud moment after that when.

Indian Army has done a great job for three reasons firstly all our soldiers came completely safe nobody was injured secondly.

And more importantly, there was no collateral damage.

And thirdly that it did have the deterrent effect of random.

It is to the credit of my able commanders and brave soldiers.

That they executed the operation no less well might message to the insurgent.

Or terrorist would be the best option for you is to give up arms come, likewise have talks with us.

And I think we can all live in peace together in this country’s mission after mission India Special Forces.

Put themselves in the line of fire to strike out threats to the unity and integrity of the nation.

They are India’s faceless warrior elite you.


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