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Taarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chashmah Ep 2526






Wish you achievement, Hey guys I’m back with My New Article of Taarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chashmah, Jethalal has to head on a business excursion to Surat and Tapu has to go on a observe tour in Bengaluru and that they each must leave at the same day itself leaving Dada Ji on my own within the house.

Written By Ishwar Chaudhari

updated: February 15, 2021 8:0 am


Everything goes on normal however things go sideways while Dada Ji sees a ghost within the constructing opposite to his residence. Watch the episode to understand extra.


I am ready, Grandpa. – Even I am equipped, Dad.

Are you geared up? – Yes. Did you p.c. The entirety? Yes, Grandpa.

I packed the whole thing. I’m not asking you. I am asking your father.

He forgets a lot. Hey! You aren’t forgetting something, proper?

No, I am not forgetting anything. I took the entirety, Dad.


Jethalal. Hello, Mr Mehta. Come in. Both the daddy and the son are prepared with their bags.

Yes. – Sir, I… Jethalal, you don’t need to worry approximately anything. You don’t want to worry approximately something.

What befell? Jethalal referred to as me up some time returned. He advised me that he and Tapu are going out. And that you are on my own, so. So? – He asked me to take care of you. Jetha, why are you telling all of us that I am on my own?

I didn’t inform anybody. He is Mr Mehta. He is like a member of the family.

I receive that but I did let you know that you donated to fear about me. I can take care of myself. You aren’t going for a month. You are just going for three days. Sir, please chill out.

He supposed to say that I should appearance once you if you need something. You are quite successful and I don’t need to attend to you.

Exactly. Tapu! Tapu, prepared? Yes, geared up. Come on, the cab is right here. Okay! Grandpa, I will depart now.

Okay. Take care of yourself. Okay, Grandpa. Dad, I will depart too. Wait a minute. Mr Jetha, are you coming with us on the look at tour?

Yes. Tapu, what’s all this? This is our college experience. Parents aren’t allowed. No! Tapu is still younger.

I can’t allow him go by myself. I called Mr Hathi too. Even he is coming along.

Tapu, what is all this? Goli, dad is joking. He isn’t coming with us. He is going to Surat on a commercial enterprise excursion.

Why are you joking? Come on, leave now. You gets late. Let’s cross… Bye, Grandpa. – Bye. Bye, Dad. That’s okay. Bless you. Bye, Mr Mehta. – Bye. – Bye! It might be amusing. Jetha, you may go away. Or else, you’ll get late.

Yes, Dad.  Listen to me. Call me once you reach Surat. Dad, I will attain midnight. – So? You may be disturbed if I name you in the dead of night. If you don’t name me, I won’t be capable of sleep. Please sleep, Dad. I will call you inside the morning.

From wherein? Ahmedabad? From Ahmedabad? It’s a night train. If you sleep at night, you won’t be capable of get off at Suratsince you may be snoozing. You will directly attain Ahmedabad. Okay!

I will call you once I reach Surat. Keep your smartphone with you. Okay. Dad, you may get breakfast and lunch from Padmavati Bhojnalaya so, please consume your food on time.

Okay! What else? And… Do you want to visit Surat or now not? I want to move, Dad! Go! You will miss your educate. I shall go away now. – Okay. The taxis here.

Okay. Greetings. – Okay. Let’s cross. Come, Jethalal. The taxi is right here. Go cautiously. Come lower back from Bangalore. You went after Sonu, right? That’s what you continually do.

Once she leaves, you preserve considering her. But when she isn’t domestic, I sense too lonely.

I agree. But we need to get used to staying without her. What do you imply? – I mean, after a few years… Why are we thinking about that now? Yes.


We aren’t alone. We are right here for every other.


Our need to reflect on consideration on Mr Champaklaal now. Jethalal has long past to Surat and Tapu has gone for a look at tour. MS. Daya is in Ahmedabad.

We need to take care of him. I will ask him approximately breakfast and lunch. We can meet him in the morning but I am worried approximately the night time.

He has started to get weird desires. He can’t differentiate among a dream and reality. For example, what he dreamt about Jethalal when he was in Sensoria Island.

You know how a good deal commotion he had created then. Seriously! I pray to God that he sleeps well this night so that there might be peace even in the society. ‘Why hasn’t Jetha called up yet?’

‘It already has been eight hours now.’ ‘He should’ve reached Suraj via now.’ ‘Let me make a call to him and discover.’

‘The wide variety you have dialled is out of the network location.’ ‘Seems like he nonetheless is at the teach.’ ‘That’s why the call is not getting connected.’ Let me test if the landline is running.

It is operating. He had requested me to hold my cell telephone close to me. That he’ll call.  Taarak Mehta But there is no information about him now. This Jetha is so irresponsible. I’m afraid he would possibly have dozed off at the educate.

If he as soon as dozes off then he’ll awaken handiest after reaching Ahmedabad. I had asked him to take the morning teach.


But no. He is aware of that once he is going to sleep then he gained be capable of wake up soon. Even then… I am having a sleepless night due to him. Stupid fellow. Yes, hey, Jetha have you reached Surat or now not?

Hello…Can you hear me? Hello, Jetha, have you reached Surat or no longer? Hello. Seems just like the sign reception is susceptible.

Hello, hold your smartphone on. I will go to the balcony. Yes, hey. Jetha, are you able to pay attention me now? Yes, I can pay attention you honestly now, Dad. Where are you? Have you reached Surat or no longer?  I have already reached, Dad. I am inside the taxi now.

I’m going to the house of Mr Mahesh, the lawyer. You had said that you’d name up the moment you land in Surat. Why didn’t you call up? Dad, I was trying for an extended.

I wonder why I became no longer getting through your mobile wide variety. In that case, you ought to have called me on the landline.

Yes, it did strike me but then I idea that if I call up at the landline then you’ll must come to the dwelling room to wait it. That’s why I didn’t call on the landline. Okay, satisfactory.

No problem. Go to Mr Mahesh’s house and visit bed peacefully. Okay, Dad. Now you go to sleep peacefully. I actually have competently reached Surat. Don’t worry about me. Okay? then, bye. Good night.

Okay precise night, Dad. Wow! Jetha didn’t call on the landline in order that my sleep doesn’t get disturbed. He loves me so much.

Only blessed ones get this sort of gifted and obedient son. and The balcony door isn’t closed properly. Mohan Lal’s house has been saved locked.


Who has lighted a candle over there? Hey! Let go of me… Let cross of me.

The Oh, God, please protect me from evil. and  Oh, God, please shield me from the evil. Taarak Mehta please guard me from the evil… Tapu! But he’s not at home. please guard me from the evil.

please guard me from the evil, please shield me from the evil Taarak Mehta please shield me from evil… Oh, God, please guard me from the evil  please defend me from the evil shield me from the evil, please shield me from evil… Taarak Mehta Oh, God, and please guard me from the evil please defend me from the evil Oh God, Likewise please shield me from the evil please defend me from the evil… Listen…Your cell phone’s ringing.

Pick up the telephone, Bhide! Listen! Your telephone’s ringing. moreover It have to be ringing to your desires. In my goals… Listen, it’s ringing.

I am no longer dreaming. Wake up. Please wake up. Your phone’s sincerely ringing. please shield me from the evil… Who’s calling? Someone from Jethalal house is calling me at this hour.

But Jetha has gone to Surat. So who’s calling me from his home? It must be Tapu. He problems me in the daylight. Now he has began troubling me at night too. Why are you getting mad at him? Taarak Mehta Why will he name you?

The entire Tapu gang has long gone out of station for the task, right? So why will he call you?

Then who’s calling me? It ought to be Mr Champak. Moreover But why could he call me? You’ll get to know about it only while you pick his call.

It may be something pressing. Answer his call. Taarak Mehta You’re no longer picking it up. You speak so much.

Let me select his name. He simply gets annoyed… Hello! Oh, God, please guard me from evil… Hello, who’s this? Champak! Sir? What’s incorrect together with your voice? And what are you pronouncing?

What are you talking about? Likewise There…Mohan Lal… Sir, I suppose you have got dialled the wrong variety in your sleep. I am Aatmaram Tukaram Bhide. Secretary of Gokuldham Society.

I am now not Mohan Lal. And why do you want to talk to Mohan Lal at this hour?

There…Yes, sir, I can listen you. Tell me. There’s something.  Where? There’s something in Mohan Lal’s flat. There’s something Mohan Lal’s flat. But what’s there? There’s a female!

What? Girl? Whose female? Girl, as well as There’s a candle… There’s a candle in Mohan Lal’s flat. How’s that viable, sir? That flat is closed. Who can light a candle there? Shadow… What? Who got here?

No one got here… No one came…There’s a shadow. A shadow of a female who’s sporting a sari. Sari? Red sari. Dark purple. It is dangerously crimson.

Dangerous crimson. The sari became flying in the air. What is the problem?

What passed off? Light emerged from a torch and the shadow appeared extra risky. The light fell on my eyes too. Mr Champaklaal, don’t scare me like this. This isn’t always possible. It has took place, Bhide. As well as I noticed it myself from my balcony. Okay, do one factor. Go inside from the balcony and sleep.


How are you able to question me to sleep? Bhide, do something. and Do something. What can I do? Do something. Mr Champaklaal, pot king, Mohan Lal’s house is locked for many days.

There is nobody in his residence, k? Go and take a look at out of your balcony if you do no longer consider me. But, Mr Champaklaal.

Go speedy and test. Hello. Hello, Mr Champaklaal. What was Mr? Champaklaal saying? What turned into the pronouncing about the sari and candle? He became announcing ordinary things. He said that there’s a shadow in pot king, Mohan Lal’s residence who has worn a crimson sari.

Somebody is flashing the torchlight on his eyes and lighting a candle. Oh, God! But how is this possible? That flat is locked. – That is what I advised him. Okay. Are they thieves? Mataram, move and check in the balcony.

Who, me? Is everyone else gift here? Okay, I’ll go and check. What happened? Nothing. Are you scared?

No. I am now not scared. I simply. You are worried. Yes. Why could I be worried?

I turned into simply wondering that no person can pass there given that that residence is locked for many days.

It must be. Champaklaal illusion. So, let’s now not think too much. Come on, permit’s sleep. Likewise Come on. Okay, come on.

I’ll include you. What? You are scared, right? What is that this? You are a Marathi man.

Marathi’s are by no means scared. They scare others. Taarak Mehta Remember your ancestors.

Chhatrapati Sivaji Maharaja, Baji Prabu Deshpande Tanaji Malusare. Marathi guy, wake up.

Very good. Mataram. What is it? The trumpet has stopped blowing. Oh, God! Mataram, wait. I’m coming.

Who become it? A person, shadow, or something else?

No count who it become Mr Champaklaal has noticed something in pot king, Mohan Lal’s residence. And Mr Champaklaal is scared due to what he has seen. He shivering like a dry leaf in a hurricane.

The handiest secretary of the society Aatmaram Tukaram Bhide goes to test it now.


What will Bhide see?

Will Bhide see the equal aspect that was seen by Mr Champaklaal or will he see something else or is this is a phantasm?

There are too many questions.

But the answers to all the questions are brilliant.

Wait for the answers and keep looking ‘Taarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chashmah’.  Also Keep watching and preserve guffawing.


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