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TMKOC Serial 2019 Ep 2529

what happened? What happened, sir?(TMKOC Serial) There’s somebody at the door. Mr Champak. Open the door.

It’s me, Sodhi. Sir, its Sodhi. Go and open the door. Yes, let American state open it.

Written By Ishwar Chaudhari

Updated: March 16, 2021 


Did you each sleep properly yesterday? No, neither he slept nor did he enable American state to sleep.

He spent the complete night in terror. Word of farewell, adult male Champak! Word of farewell,
Mr Champak! However square measure you feeling now? Now?

Sir, we tend to ought to grasp from adult male Bhide and adult male Sodhi that you just had some delusion last night. And you were frightened. (TMKOC Serial)

Yes. So, you each went around spreading the news early within the morning. What! – No, sir, we tend to didn’t unfold any news.

We tend to simply told them concerning it within the interior of a discussion.
Yes, it’s traditional for anyone to induce such delusions. However it absolutely was not a delusion.

What does one mean? Babita and Anjali, the reality is that I swathe lightweight of a candle within pot king, Mohan Lal’s flat. I saw a red frock there.

I even saw associate degree eerie shadow. Which eerie shadow was moving? It absolutely was moving. I saw it with my very own eyes!(TMKOC Serial)

Why square measure you each obtaining frightened, MS. Babita and Ms Anjali?

Affirmative, we tend to each have checked that place. Even i used to be there with you.

Yes, all 3 people went there and that we didn’t notice something. Yes! – Nothing. Okay, there was nothing.

There was nothing! Don’t believe American state. Don’t believe my words. You all can’t believe American state, right? You ought not to believe American state.

I am simply acting it out. I’m obtaining recent, right? I actually have gone crazy! No, sir. There’s nothing like that.

Aatmaram, we tend to should move to Mohan Lal’s flat and check it properly for his sake. Let’s go there.

Yes. He’s right, Bhide. Where’s key of that flat? Let’s open the flat and check within it. Yes, that’s higher. Open it and search it properly.
Then you’ll believe American state that I’m not lying. I don’t have any issue in gap that flat, likewise I don’t have the key. The key’s with Kanyakuwari.(TMKOC Serial)

Kanyakumari? Is it in Tamil Nadu?

Mohan Lal stays here in city however why will he keep the key in Kanyakumari?

No, Ayer, it’s not Kanyakumari, its Kanyakuwari. Who’s she? I feel she’s Mohan Lal’s secretary.

I simply grasp that she has the key. Okay, however where’s Mohan Lal?

I don’t have any plan concerning him. also I don’t even grasp if he’s within the country.

I simply grasp that he left the key with Kanyakuwari. It’s a pretty name. Bhide, are you able to please determine if she’s like her name?

What? I mean, is she unmarried? You… On one hand I’m frightened to my soul and on the opposite hand you’re simply daunted concerning if she’s unwedded.(TMKOC Serial)
Sorry, sir, I was just. – Shut up! Popatlaal. Bhide, decision that unwedded lady.

It’s Kanyakumari. Dump the name. Simply decision her and obtain the key, However however can I raise her for the key?

We tend to can’t inform her what we tend to saw there yesterday, However why can’t we are saying that to her? What ought to I say? We tend to didn’t notice something there. What ought to I tell her?

Adult male Champak had a delusion. Ought to I scare her too? Bhide, it absolutely was not a delusion! It’s okay, it wasn’t a delusion. However I can’t tell her something while not investigation the matter.(TMKOC Serial)

Yes. Mr Bhide, why don’t you tell her you would like to envision the ceilings it’s the rainy season? Affirmative, we will tell this. We’d actually need the key to envision the ceiling. Decision her up. – Good job, Abdul! Hello!

Affirmative, it’s Aatmaram Tukaram Bhide Secretary of Gokuldham Society here. Oh, Mr Bhide, however square measure you? Affirmative, I’m doing well. And how’s everyone in Gokuldham Society?

Everyone seems to be sensible here. What’s the matter, adult male Bhide? You rarely keep in mind American state. That’s why I referred to as you nowadays.

This can be my sensible luck. Please tell American state. However am i able to facilitate you? Truly I actually have some work with you. You’ll be able to provoke additional.(TMKOC Serial)

I’ll lie with for you. I required to raise you for the key of pot king Mohan Lal’s flat in Gokuldham Society. Yes, I actually have got the key with American state. Yes, am i able to get that key?

Why does one want that key? Did your spouse throw you out of your house? No, it’s not like that. Then why does one wish the key to the flat?

Truly I had to envision one thing. What did you have to envision?

Because the monsoon is upon US wished to check if there’s any outpouring within the flat. Mohan Lal’s flat may be a terrace flat, right? And this issue is common in each terrace flat, these days.

Okay. Got it. So, are you able to send the key now? No, I can’t. It’s okay, I’ll send somebody to gather the key from you. No, I’d have sent it on my own. But, really I’m noting city right away.(TMKOC Serial)

OH! Then however can i buy it?

Look, you don’t have to get distressed as Mohan Lal is reaching to sell that flat. Okay, thus man Mohan Lalis reaching to sell that flat?

Affirmative. Thus one key’s with the broker. It’s thereupon broker, Vicky. Vicky broker. Yes, Vicky! I do know him. I’ll collect the key from him. Okay.

Okay, convey you! Hear me! Yes? You’re continuously welcome. Thank you. Didn’t I tell you that you’re continuously welcome? Affirmative, okay.

Okay, bye! What happened?
What did she say? Sir, she’s not in city. She has gone out of the city, However she has given the key to a broker. His name is Vicky. I do know him well. Mr Bhide, even i do know him.

He typically involves Gokuldham Society to point out the flats to the shoppers.(TMKOC Serial) Yes. Does one have his number?

Affirmative, I have it. Decision him up! – Okay. Hello! Who’s this? Affirmative, this is often Aatmaram Tukaram Bhide. Gokuldham Society’s.

Mr Bhide, your voice is world far-famed. Even the youngsters will recognise it. – Yes, thank you. really I had some work with you. I spoke to Ms Kanyakumari just.

She’s the secretary of Mohan Lal WHO owns a flat in Gokuldham Society. (TMKOC Serial) So, she wise to Maine that you simply have gotten the key of that flat. Y-Yes, the key’s with Maine.

Although it’s not there, I’ll savvy for you, Mr Bhide. Something for you. Really I required the key of that flat. However he needs to sell the flat. Then why does one want the key?

Because the monsoon is upon North American nation simply wished to open the flat and check if there’s some escape, Also if I don’t realize any escape then I’ll come you the key.

Okay. However I will offer you the key by day once tomorrow. No, I don’t have most time.

I want the key by these days itself. I’m in Mathura right away. I come day once tomorrow.

Oh, thus you’ll be back by day once tomorrow.

Yes! Solely then you’ll get the key. However offer Maine the key as presently as you reach city. sure. Okay, I’ll watch for you. The flat can get opened solely by day once tomorrow.

What? Why not today? Sir, he’s not here. He has gone to Mathura. He’ll be back solely by day once tomorrow.

It implies that the chilling entity therein flat are there for 2 a lot of nights. No.

We’ll got to check the flat by these days itself. He’s right. Why we ought to wait thus much? Yes!

Let Maine go there and break the lock. Then we will check if there’s somebody therein flat. Hey, Sodhi. Wherever area unit you going?

I’m aiming to break the lock. What? Oh, God! Sodhi, there area unit some rules in Gokuldham Society.

We have a tendency to can’t break a case our can. Rules. And also the flats that area unit empty, we have a tendency to can’t break in the least bit.

He’s right. We have a tendency to don’t grasp wherever the owner of that flat is. Can or not it’s smart to interrupt into his flat in his absence?(TMKOC Serial)

Nothing can happen, we’ll place a replacement lock. Yes. Mr Sodhi, we have a tendency to can’t entered someone’s flat like this. He may sue North American nation for this. Yes.

Exactly. If Mohan Lal files a criticism then police can arrest Maine as I’m the secretary, And it’s not regarding golf stroke new lock, Sodhi.

Being the secretary of Gokuldham Society I can’t go against the foundations and permit you to interrupt the lock. Why can’t you ditch the rules? Furthermore, why we ought to break the lock over such a petty issue?

Petty issue! Does one assume it’s a petty issue? I couldn’t sleep the entire night out of concern, Bhide. Sir. – And you think that it to be a petty issue? Sir, you don’t savvy. Yes. I will perceive.

I will perceive what each of you is making an attempt to say! Sir, you were alone in the dead of night. So, you may have hallucinated. That’s why you bought afraid. I’m not ill.

Why don’t you guys understand?
Anjali, where’s Mehta? Taarak had plenty of labour thus he left early for workplace. It’d are smart if he was here. He’s the sole intelligent guying our neighbourhood.(TMKOC Serial)

Anjali, simply raise him me once he’s back. Yes, sure. Mr Bhide. – Yes? I believe this matter is kind of serious.

Thus we should always decision up man Jetha and raise him to return back. No.
After all, he has gone to Surat, Mr Champak. He’ll be here in four hours.

Let Maine build a decision to him. I already told you to not decision him. Jetha has gone there because of some work. He includes an important meeting there.

If he involves grasp then he can leave everything and rush here.

That will cause him a giant loss. Don’t decision up Jetha, to decision up Jetha!

None of you may build decision to him.

Although he calls then none of you may tell him regarding last night’s incident. However man Champak. I don’t need to inform it to anyone.

These 2 have unfold this news. Why ought to we have a tendency to tell regarding this to everyone?

Okay, Mr Champak. Calm down. We have a tendency to won’t tell anyone something.

But, Ms Anjali, we will tell others only if there one thing worthy to inform. There’s nothing to inform.

Yes. I mean. Mr Champak there is nothing in that house. I am sure of that. You too should believe our words now.

I won’t. God! What do I do? Mr Champak, you badly need to rest now.(TMKOC Serial)

Take rest now. Stop getting stressed. Mr Champak, you know what? I won’t go to my garage today.

I will stay with you here. Okay? No need. You guys stop worrying about me. Moreover, you guys are not believing my words. No, no. That’s not how things are, Mr Champak.

Enough. All of you leave. Come on, go. Moreover, my friend, Kanti, will be coming here now. You guys carry on. Stay calm till Kanti comes. Okay? Come, let’s go. All of you listen.

Yes. Don’t consider whatever I said to be my imagination. Whatever I saw was real.

You guys leave. Leave.  Come, let’s go. Mr Champak. I said leave. Leave! Phone. Sorry. Mr Champak. Now what do you want?

I had forgotten my jacket and torch here. I am here to collect them. Okay, take them.

Do you want the newspaper also? Do you want it? Take it. Come on, take it. Go.

No, keep the newspaper with you. Listen, Bhide. – Yes. I have too many things in my hands.

Take some of things from me. Who had asked you to carry raincoat and all those things when you already were carrying an umbrella? Careful. Okay, come now. Come, Popat. Here I come. God!

I pity Mr Champak. I think he has got a mental shock because he was all alone.

This has become common with Mr Champak lately. Few days ago, he had seen dream about Jethalal while Jetha had gone to Sensoria Island and had created such a commotion, also now, he is hallucinating about all these things. Right.

Yes. I think if he rests till evening then he is going to be fine. Hope so. No, no, Ayer.

I think one of us will have to stay with him tonight. Bhide, I would’ve stayed with him.(TMKOC Serial)

But you already know how scared Roshan feels to be alone in the night. It is the same case even with Madhavi too.

Oh, yes. – You guys don’t worry. I will stay with Mr Champak tonight as well. Wonderful! Thank you. Hold on.

There is a problem – What? I need to get press in the evening. It might get lately the time I return. No problem.

I will stay with Mr Champak until you return. Wonderful, Abdul. Very good. Okay.

Let’s wait till evening. Let’s decide in the evening. Now it is getting late for me to go to office and Babita to get her friend’s place. Yes, friends, even I have to go to my garage.

Ms Babita and Mr Ayer, I will drop you guys and then go to my garage. Bhide, take care of Mr Champak. If anything goes wrong then give me a call immediately. I will come.

Sure, no issue. Okay, guys, see you. – I too will finish my work and come back.

Mr Bhide, let me know if you have any work. Sure, sure. ‘There is no cure for this.’

‘It keeps increasing if you don’t keep it in check.’ ‘Irrational fear is nothing but your imagination.’ ‘Hence, don’t let irrational fear get the better of you.’

‘Always keep smiling.’ Before you say anything, let me tell you I have already eaten it. What have you eaten?

The sprout salad which you had packed for me. When I opened my lunch box I saw the sprouts salad and was totally surprised. And I had it half-heartedly.

I haven’t called up to enquire whether you had the salad or not. Then why have you called up?

I have called up regarding Mr Champak. About Mr Champak! What happened to him?

Mr Champak is quite terrified. Everyone is afraid of Mr Champak. Who can scare him?

You know, strange incidents are happening with Mr Champak. Strange incidents are happening!

What happened? Mr Champak was saying that. Anjali, this is really strange. Isn’t it? That’s what I am telling you.

Mr Champak is quite terrified and is missing you. He was missing me! Why?

Because no one in the society is believing whatever Mr Champak is saying. Is it? He was asking us to call you because you would definitely believe his words.

He was saying that in the entire society my husband is the most sensible one. Tell you what?

After returning home from office I will first meet him and listen to him patiently to find out what exactly the matter is. Okay.

Anjali, the thing is, he is all alone at home now. So, we need to take extra care of him.

We guys returned from his place just a while ago. He said that Mr Kanti, his friend was coming to meet him. Okay, okay. I have an idea. I’ll return home early and meet him. Okay?

Okay, bye. See you. What’s wrong with Mr Champak? Let me find out from Bhide. Yes, tell me, Mr Mehta. Bhide, I came to know about Mr Champak. What exactly is the matter?(TMKOC Serial)

Nothing to worry, Mr Mehta. Actually, the weather was stormy last night. It was raining heavily. And Mr Champak was all alone, so, he got scared. Please convince him that there is nothing to fear.

Okay. Bhide, I am thinking of returning home early today. I’ll first meet him and talk to him personally. Okay, fine. Okay, okay.

Stop laughing so much! Stop worrying about it now, Champak. Now that I have come here, you needn’t worry about it. Yes, that’s true. Why should I fear when you are here?

Champak, tell meadow you miss our village or not? Of course. I miss our village a lot.

The farms, small houses narrow lanes, the public meeting place of our village.

That’s all okay, Champak. Do you remember the ‘Peepal’ tree in our village?

Everyone used to be so terrified of it. No, noni don’t remember it. Forget it. How come you don’t remember it, Champak?

That ‘Peepal’ tree used to look so scary in the night.

People used to say that witch is used to stay on it. Whenever someone would pass by it alone in the night they first used to heather laughter. And then they used to hear her scary voice.

‘I won’t spare you! I won’t spare you!’ ‘I won’t spare you!’ ‘You can’t escape. You can’t escape,’ And then that witch used to catch hold of the passers-by.

Hey, let me go. Kanti, leave me. Sit down. Why do you want to discuss about the witch? Okay, fine, Champak. Don’t get scared. We won’t discuss about the witch. Happy?

Okay, do you remember the ghost in the ruins? People in the surrounding25 villages used to discuss about it, also the person who would pass by that mansion in the night used to hear its voice.

Then it used to catch the passers-by by their shoulders. It used to catch them. Let me go. Kanti, leave me.

Why do you want to discuss about the witches and ghosts?

Forget about it. Friends, I think fear can be compared to a chewing gum.

If a chewing gum once sticks to something then it is hard to remove it.

Exactly the same way, if fear makes its way into our mind then it is very hardtop get rid of it.

Fear has made its way into Mr Champak’s mind.

It has become impossible to make him get rid of it. His fear that there is something in Mohan Lal’s flat.

Mr Champak’s friend has come to meet him to help him get over this fear.

Instead of helping him get over his fear he is actually terrifying him even more.

He is making the situation worse. The question is will Mr Champak be able to get over his fears. Or else, the mystery of Mohan Lal’s flat deepens and leads to something else!

To know what is going to happen next keep watching ‘Taarak Mehta Oolta Chashmah.’(TMKOC Serial). Keep watching, keep laughing.


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