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Mr. Champak is scare(TMkOC 2530)

Okay. Let’s not talk about witches and ghosts. Let’s talk about something else. Yes. What should we talk about, scare Champak ?

Written By Ishwar Chaudhari

Updated at March25, 2021


Mr. Champak Expresion
Image By sonyliv


Shall we talk about the ghost of the kiln? No. No! Do you remember the closed kiln in our village? No.

I don’t remember. People used to say ghost used to live in it. If someone went near the kiln that person would first hear wind blowing.

You would hear the noise of woods from inside then you would hearth ghost’s voice. Kant, what the heck are you doing?

Are you here to encourage me or scare me? Champaklaal, I’m here to encourage you.

Is this the way to encourage someone? Jetha, Daya, and Tapu are not in the house and you’re talking about ghosts, also witches.

If a friend is in trouble, you should save him not try to scare him. What are you saying, Champaklaal? I’m here to save you.

Is this the way to save someone, Kant? You’ve been scaring me since then. What will I do when you leave? Kanti, I have an idea. Stay here tonight.

I can’t stay. I’ll have to go. But don’t worry, Champaklaal scare . I’ll give you a fool proof remedy to ward off evil spirits.

What? What is the remedy? Tell me. Come on. Hold on. Champaklaal, do you remember104 years old Ms. Sayani from our village?

The one who gave a cure to get rid of ghosts. What kind of cure?

Datura plant? Yes. Burn clove powder and camphor with Datura plant along with frankincense. How will it help? What do you mean, Champaklaal?

It’ll ward off evil spirits. Really? Yes. Get a Datura plant and burn it with clove, camphor, likewise frankincense at night.

You will not have to worry about ghosts and spirits. Are you sure? Absolutely. This is the best remedy.

Have faith. Now you won’t get scared at night, right? I won’t get scared.

Very good, Champaklaal. You are from Bhachau. Evil spirits can’t harm you. They can’t harm me now. Thank you, Kant. Thank you for this remedy.

Abdul, and mehta sear for how to smoke
Image By Youtube


I won’t get scared now! Game over! ‘Abdul, what is all this? Anjali called me. Mr. Champaklaal scare. What’s going on? Don’t ask, Mr. Mehta. Mr. Champaklaal is terrified. Really?

Mr. Popat will stay with Mr. Champak tonight. I’ll stay with him until Mr. Popat returns. I’m on my way to Mr. Champaklaal house.

Abdul, I’ll come with you. Let’s talk to Mr. Champaklaal. Let me see what this matter is all about. Okay. – I’ll just keep this. Hold on. Moreover Sure. Let’s go. – Come. Comer. Champaklaal scare ? Smoke?

Mr. Champak . So much smoke. Mr. Champak ? What happened? Mr. Champaklaal? What are you doing here? Mr. Mehta, it’s me. Abdul. It’s you.

Yes. Where is Mr. Champak ? So much smoke. Let me check in the room. Mr. Champaklaal? – Did you find him? He’s not there.

He’s not? No. – OH. Is he inside his room? Let us check. Okay.  Comer. Mr. Champaklaal! Mehta Mr. Champaklaal! Mehta! It’s good that you came, Mehta.

Yes, Mr. Champaklaal. I’m here. – Why took you so long? I had a lot of work in the office today. What is all this?

There’s so much smoke here and why are you carrying this plant? What are you doing? Mehta, this is not just some plant. This is a Datura plant. A Datura plant?

Yes. It protects us from the evil spirits. Evil spirits? scare  Mr. Champak why is the house full of smoke? I’ve burned clove, camphor, and frankincense.

But why? To ward off evil spirits. scare  Mr. Champaklaal, this Datura plant and camphor and clove.

What are you doing? Mehta, no one in the society believes my words. You are the only sensible person. I know that you’ll understand.

Mr. Champak , I’ll try to understand. Tell me. Mehta think, there’s an evil influence in our society which resides in Mohanlaal house.

Mr. Champaklaal, these evil spirits, ghost and witches are all mere superstition. You shouldn’t think about it. It’s not real.

That’s right, Mr. Champaklaal. If you would’ve seen what I saw last night you wouldn’t have said this. But, Mr. Champaklaal.

That candle that light that shadow, that sari. It was frightening, Mehta. Mr. Champaklaal is terrified. ‘I’ll have to do something to calm him down.

Mr. Champaklaal scare , are you sure that the smoke of burnt clove, camphor and frankincense and this Datura plant will ward off evil spirits? Yes. Then I have an idea.

What is it? Tell me . Champaklaal scare , the evil presence is residing in Mohanlaal house, right? Yes.

Then let’s take this burnt clove, camphor and frankincense and this Datura plant and keep them in front of Mohanlaal house.

This will chase away the evil presence. Wow, Mr. Mehta. That’s a great idea. Let’s do this. Yes. That’s a good idea. Go.

You guys go. Hurry up. Not just us. You’ll have to come with us, scare Mr. Champaklaal. No way. I won’t come.

No, I won’t go with you. Mr. Champaklaal, what are you saying? Come with us. I’m with you. Nothing will happen. Yes, come on.

Mehta understand champak chacha
Image by youtube


Mehta, don’t act stubborn. I won’t come. scare Mr. Champaklaal, you’re being stubborn. Forgive me, but it’s true. I won’t go unless you come with me.

Let the evil spirit reside in Mohanlaal house. Mehta, try to understand. I’m afraid.

Why are you afraid? You shouldn’t be scared. You only told me that you have a Datura plant. We also have clove, camphor, and frankincense.

So why should we get scared? That evil presence should be afraid of us. Come, scare Mr. Champaklaal. Let’s go. Let’s go.

Okay. Let’s go. Excuse me. Okay. Hello? Sharma, that file is in boss’s cabin. Just look once. Yes. In his cabin. Okay. Yes. Okay. What happened?

It’s nothing, Mr. Champaklaal. My colleagues are irritating me.

I think, I should keep this Datura plant along with clove, camphor, also frankincense in front of my office. Why? My bosses nothing short of a ghost.

Mr. Champaklaal, it was sarcasm. Let’s go. – Yes, let’s go. Give it to me. Come on. You go ahead.

Okay. Come on. No need to be afraid. We’ll just keep this. Nothing will happen.

Come, Mr. Champaklaal. Nothing will happen. Don’t be afraid. Come, Mr. Champaklaal, Abdul.

Come, Mr. Champaklaal. Mehta, it’s scary. No. I’m saying that I’m scared. No need to be scared. I’m with you, Mr. Champaklaal.

You said it yourself that if this Datura plant and this frankincense will ward off evil spirits. Come. Let’s keep going.

What happened? Mr. Champak , don’t get scared. This is my phone’s Ringtone.

Why do you have such a scary ringtone? Sorry. Change it later, okay? Hello? What? Right now?

All right. Okay, fine. – What’s wrong? I’ll have to leave for the shop right now to check the delivery of the goods. Okay. Then go. I’m here with Mr. Champaklaal. Okay.

Take this. Be careful. Give me that. – Here you go. Come, Mr. Champaklaal. Don’t be scared. I’m with you. God, protect me from evil. Nothing will happen.

God, protect me from evil. Come on, protect me from evil. Mr. Champak . God, protect me from evil. Nothing will happen, come.

God, protect me from evil. God, protect me from evil. There’s no evil here. God, protect me from evil. – Come. God, protect me from evil.

Come on. God, protect me from evil Come, Mr.  Champaklaal. Don’t be scared, sir. I’m there with you, right? And why are you scared now?

We have this Datura plant and the frankincense, sir. We’ll keep it here. Nothing will happen, come Sir.

Look. Even the light is flickering. So, what’s there to be scared about it, sir?

It rainy season, the connection must’ve become loose. That’s why, it’s flickering. Look, I’ll keep the plant here. Nothing will happen. Please come.

Come. Here, look. Don’t be scared. You also keep it. Come on. It’s just a phone, sir. It’s my phone. These office guys are too much! Hello?

Yes, Sharma, I told you, I kept the file. I mean, on the table, in the cabin. Just look for it. Yes, it’s the red file, it has all the papers.

Hey, I’ll call you later. Sir what happened, sir what happened? What?

Anklets! Do we have to keep the anklets as well along with the can we keep it inside, sir?

The door is locked. The sound of anklets is coming from inside the house. You heard the sound of anklets? Yes! What are you saying, sir?

A woman is singing! Sir, what are you saying? A woman is singing! Even I was standing heretic was right here.

Nobody is singing. Hey, Taarak. I think, she’s the same lady whose shadow I’d seen last night.

Don’t be ridiculous, sir? Nobody is here. There’s a lock at the door.

You cannot hear any sound. I’m standing right here, sir Hey, I heard it. You listen to it.

Okay. I’ll hear it, yes. Did you hear it? Did you? Yes, I heard. There is nothing inside. I didn’t hear any voice, sir. What? Yes. Hey, how can that be possible?

Hey! Sir, there is nothing inside. It’s just your illusion. There is nothing inside. There is no sound.

No, y you’re lying! Why are you lying? Why would I lie, sir? I heard it very closely. There is no sound. Listen carefully.

Sir, what happened? Mr. Champak . Ghost. Mr. Champaklaal, it was just a rat.

Mr. Champaklaal. Ghost. Mr. Champaklaal, it’s nothing! Sir. Mr. Champaklaal!

What happened? – Mr. Mehta, what happened? What happened, Mr. Mehta?

Did Mr. Champaklaal see anything again? What? I don’t know, Mr. Champak is really scared. I’ll take care of him.

Please come, everyone. Mr. Champaklaal has been talking about it since yesterday.

I think, he saw something today as well. Let’s go, dear. Sir Save us Lord! Oh, Lord, ward off the evil.

Sir. ward off the evil. Lord, ward off the evil. Mr. Champaklaal. Where did he disappear?

Lord, ward off the evil. – Sir. Oh, Lord, ward off the evil. OH, Lord.

Mr. Champaklaal! Ward off the evil. Why are you sitting here, sir, come on, it’s me. Oh, Lord, ward off the evil.

Please come out, sir. It’s me. Oh, Lord, ward off the evil. Don’t be scared. Ward off the evil.

Sir, don’t worry at all. Oh, Lord, ward off the evil. I’m there, sir, don’t worry at all. I’m there, right?

Mehta give honestly champak chacha
Image by youtube


Come. Oh, Lord, ward off the evil. There’s nothing, sir. Oh, Lord. Sir, there’s nothing. Ward off the evil. OH, Lord, ward off the evil. Poor, Mr. Champak .

Why did he go there again? He knows, he’s alone. I knew he went there once. He hears the voice again. – Still he went. What happened?

Yes. Aatmaram. What happened? Say something. MS. Anjali, perhaps. He called us to Mr. Champaklaal house. Mr. Champaklaal has seen something that’s why he’s scared. What happened?

Let’s go. Come on, hurry up. Sir, listen to me. There is nothing. I don’t want to hear a thing! I heard what I shouldn’t have heard. Sir, even I was there. I heard it closely but I didn’t hear anything.

Your ears have become useless by having salads all the time! Look, Mr. Champaklaal, my ears are absolutely fine.

Even I’m not deaf! Mr. Champaklaal! Mr. Champaklaal. Mr. Champak , what happened?

What happened? Sir. – Ghost! – What? Ghost! Did you see a ghost at Mohanlaal house again? What? No! I heard it today. What?

You heard the ghost? Yes! What did you hear, sir? Was anyone frying fritters in hot oil inside the house? What? Bhide, you’re too much.

When someone fries fritters in hot oil it doesn’t sound like that. It sounds like this. No. Sodhi, that happens while frying. Yes.

When we put the fritters in hot oil, it sounds like that. I mean, when we put the fritters like this in hot oil.

Like this. Hey, Bhide! I’m dead scared over here and you guys are frying fritters! No. Sorry. I was just telling him. Sir, sit down. Sir, look. Yes, sit.

Hey, you will fall down. Please sit down. Sit. What are you doing, Bhide? Bhide, Sodhi, what are you doing?

Aatmaram. What’s going on? Sir. Sorry. It was just a guess, nothing else. Taarak. You tell us what happened there. What did Mr. Champaklaal hear?

Yes, I’ll tell you. You see, what happened is that I and Abdul went with Mr. Champaklaal to Mohanlaal flat that is locked to place the frankincense and the Datura plant.

I see. Come on, Mr. Mehta. Do you also believe in such superstitions? Very bad. Ayer, I was only accompanying Mr. Champaklaal.

Mr. Champaklaal told me by placing these things over there all the evil forces will vanish. That’s why, I went with Mr. Champaklaal.

Mr. Mehta, what happened after that? Yes! Right. As soon as we reached there, Mr. Champaklaal started hearing sounds. Mr. Champaklaal. What happened then?

A woman was singing this song. What! OH, no! a OH, a woman was singing this song. Hey! Mr. Mehta, you were also there, right? Did you hear the sound?

The sound of anklets. Just now, Mr. Champaklaal heard a similar sound of anklets at Mr. Mohanlaal Mata King’s’ house. And he also heard a scary song.

Well, just then, I got a call. I was on the call. But later, when I tried to hear the sound but I heard nothing.

I’m very confused. Did you hear anything? Is anything really there?

I think, it’s just Mr. Champaklaal illusion. A figment of his imagination.

Now the biggest question is, what Mohanlaal Mata King’s house is therein. Is there a secret or something hidden? Or is it just a misconception? How will we find it?

But after doing everything, after placing a Datura plant and frankincense over there, Mr. Champaklaal is still in fear.

So, what will happen next, and what’s inside the housetop know this, you will have to watch Taarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chashmah. Keep watching, keep smiling.

Watch Full Episode Click hear


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