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ghost bride TMKOC 2531

The news of the ghost bride reaches Popatlaal‘s table, just before he is about to leave his office. Abdul calls up Popatlaal and asks him to reach society but Popatlaal is scared of the poltergeist and doesnt want to leave the office.

Having gathered the courage to head home, Popatlaal stops an autorickshaw. What Popatlaal sees next, leaves him shocked.

Written By Ishwar Chaudhari

Updated at 27 March 2021


Popatlaal stops an autorickshaw


Mr. Mehta, you were right there. Did you hear the noise? No, buddy. What do you mean? Sodhi, I mean to say when Mr. Champaklaal feels the hearing such a noise, I got a call from my office. And I was busy over the phone Oh.

There you are. You get a call from your office you forget everything around you. Anjali, please stop taunting main such a stressful situation. Why did you answer the call?

Mr. Mehta, please tell us what happened, then? Yes. Once I saw that Mr. Champaklaal was frightened, I disconnected the call and rushed to him.

When Mr. Champaklaal told me that he felt he heard some noise from inside going to the door I tried to listen to it very carefully and. What happened, Mr. Mehta? What happened?

But I didnt hear anything. What! Oh, Lord! That’s exactly what happened last night. Mr. Champaklaal saw something last night. He heard something tonight.

Yes. I did hear it. Yes, Sodhi. No one another than Mr. Champaklaal saw anything last night. Yes. No one another than him heard anything today. Exactly. That’s true. Well, Mr. Champaklaal, dont mind. But I think you’re hallucinating.

Yes, Mr. Champaklaal you’re hallucinating No. Mr. Champaklaal, it’s your fear that is making you feel, you’re seeing such things or hearing those noises. There’s no such thing in reality. Don’t you worry?

What do you mean! That I’ve gone to go! Am I seeing and hearing things that dont exist! Calm down, Mr. Champak. Yes. Mr. Champak, please calm down. Please. No one is blaming you. Mr. Champak, all of us are just trying to say that you need good rest of now.

Yes, sir. Sit down. Please calm down. Relax. Sit. Calm down. Mr. Champaklaal, please come inside. Take rest. Please come, Mr. Champak. Abdul will take you inside. Please come.

Easy. Abdul, be careful. Sure. Go. Easy, Mr. Champak. There’s no one inside. I think Mr. Champaklaal has got some mental issues. We should take him to a psychiatrist. You’re righted. Have has gone to a conference.

He’d have preferred some good psychiatrist otherwise. I’ll get in touch with him over the phone and let’s take Mr. Champak to the doctor tomorrow. Fine, but we should let him take some rest right now.

Fine. The physician at Nasik had prescribed a sedative. Let’s mix it in the milk and give it to him. He will feel quite relaxed. That’s a great idea, Madhavi. Those sedatives an Ayurveda medicine. Is it? Yes. Mr. Champak takes it he will sleep well.

Once he falls asleep, he’ll overcome his mental pressure. Yes. I’ll go and bring the sedative right away. Okay. I’d suggest we shouldn’t leave Mr. Champaklaal alone in such a situation even after giving him the sedative. That’s true. Is Mr. Champaklaal fine?

Sodhi. All of us need not stay here

Yes, he’s fine. True, friends. MS. Anjali is right. Let’s stay back herewith Mr. Champaklaal tonight. Yes. Fine. Yes. No, Sodhi. All of us need not stay here. We just have to make Mr. Champaklaal get over his fearful thoughts about the ghost.

If all of us stay back here he will feel the ghost does exist and that’s why we have stayed back. You’re right, Mr. Bhide. Yes. And Mr. Popatlaal will anyway come at night. Yes. I’ll stay back till Mr. Popatlaal comes.

I’ll take care of Mr. Champak. You guys don’t have to worry. Abdul, do this. Go to Mr. Champaklaal. Fine. And quote, Hail the Lord. Keep the evil spirits away.

Hail the Lord. Keep the evil spirits away. And quote, Hail the Lord Keep the evil spirits away. Also, quote Sir. Ah! It’s me it’s me, Abdul. What is it! Sir, dont be scared. Rest for a while, and you’ll feel better.

I can’t fall asleep, and quote, Hail the Lord, I’ve brought the sedative. I’ll mix it into the hot milk and bring it right away. All right? Sure, do it. Will it be effective? Yes, of course. I’ve mixed it. I’ll give it to Mr. Champak. Hey, Madhavi! Yes. Where’s the bottle?

Does Mr. Champak drink the milk in the bottle? Come on. Where’s the bottle of sedative? We can collect it later. What’s the hurry now? Okay, fine. Go, Mos. Madhavi. I’ll join you. Let’s go. Sure, come.

Actually, it’s from Nasik and there’s just one bottle. &quot. Hail the Lord. Keep ghost away Hail the Lord. Keep ghost away, and quote, Hail the Lord. Mr. Champak. Hey! That’s why. Who’s this?

Sir, I’m Madhavi. Well. Mr. Champak I don’t want to have it. Mr. Champak, please have some. I don’t want to have it. Mr. Champak, please have some. You’ll feel quite relaxed. Please have some. Yes, here you go.

Please have some. You’ll feel better. Keep away. Take some rest for now. We’re right here. Yes. The Lord. Hey! Switch them on! Switch on the lights. All the lights will be switched on. We’re right here. We’re outside. Yes, please relax. Yes. Mr. Champak, try to think of something nice.

Nothing will go wrong. God is with us. Nothing will go wrong. Just relax as of now, all right? We’re here. Yes. Hail the Lord. Hail the Lord. Did Mr. Champak drink the milk? Yes. Is he okay now? Yes. Mr. Champak didn’t let me call up Mr. Jethalal.

Or else, I’d have called him up long ago. I just hope Mr. Jetha comes back soon. Once he’s back, Mr. Champak will get over his fear. Yes. Mr. Champak has fallen asleep after drinking the milk. All of you may leave without any worries.

I’ll take care of Mr. Champak. Abdul. Yes. Stay back with Mr. Champak until Popatlaal comes here. Fine. All anything goes wrong just give me a call. Okay. Come. Do call up if anything goes wrong. Let’s go.

Sure. Yes. Come. Fine, Abdul. I’ll take your leave. Do call up if there’s any problem Sure. Let me find out where Mr. Popat is. Yes, tell me, Sure, tell me. Mr. Champak is frightened once again today. What happened now? Did he see anything in Mr. Mohanlaal‘s house again?

No. He didnt see anything today. But he heard something today. What! He said, he heard the noise of anklets from the flat. Voice? But how did he hear a voice from a locked flat?

No, Mr. Popat. You’re getting me wrong. Not a voice, but the sound of anklets. Okay. I get it. It seems a lady was singing. Are you serious?

Mehta and Popatlaal call meet


Mr. Mehta was also with him, but he didn’t hear anything. Image by youtube There you go. So, Mr. Champak must be hallucinating once again today.

Mr. Popat, we can’t leave him alone. That’s why I have stayed back. Mr. Popat, I need to go home today. So, by what time will you be here?

I’ll be leaving in sometimes. I’ll leave once you’re here. Fine, Mr. Popat. Mr. Popatlaal, what are you doing? Sir, I was writing an article called ‘Crazy Groom. ‘It’s ready. You may check it once. He forgets all this. I have breaking news. Really?

If this news gets published in the newspaper, chaos will break out, and I’m giving this story to you. Really? No one can write this story better than you. Thank you. Sir, thank you for considering me so capable.

I’ll write such a wonderful article that you’ll be impressed. Please let me know the topic. A ghost bride! A scary bride? Yes, a scary bride. We’re getting to hear about this from different parts of the city for the last few days.

What! What are you getting to hear? There was a ghost bride. What do you mean? I mean, she’s no more. I heard the bride died right on her wedding day. It seems she’s wandering as a ghost after her death. She settles in the houses that are vacant for a long.

He heard the anklets accurately and not the girl’s voice. ”He heard a lady singing. ‘What else? It seems she attacks the bachelors. Is it? They don’t get married. Are you an editor or my enemy? Why?

You know I’m not married, and you’re still asking met write an article on such topics as A ghost bride who attacks the bachelors.

Do you have any idea about the trauma I will go through if I write this article? That’s exactly what I want. What? Why do you wish for it?

That? I want to terrify people through this news. So, if you be aghast and write the article will create fear among everyone. No, sir. I can’t write an article on ‘a scary bride Listen, Popatlaal, I am not asking you.

I am ordering you. You must write this article. Start researching this topic tonight. I want the article ready by tomorrow. Sir, try to understand. See, I have kept the article about the ‘Crazy Groom’ ready. Go through it once.

Forget about this. Go home and start making preparations to write an article on the ‘ghost Bride Sir, try to understand. I stay alone in my house. I will feel very scared. Being a Golden Crow award winner you are scared of such a simple thing!

If you behave like this, then how will you get married? This is emotional blackmail. Actually, I am very brave. I fear nothing in this world. No problem.

I’ll write the article. That’s the ghost, my boy! That’s the spirit. Keep the article ready by tomorrow evening. All the best, Popatlaal. All the best. Thank you. Popatlaal, what happened?

Sir, I was thinking about what will I do if I come across the scary bride on my way home? That would be even better. Take her interview then and there. All the best, Popatlaal. All the best. He finds it funny.

A woman was singing. Even Mr. Mehta was with him.’ But he didn’t hear anything. ‘Is whatever Mr. Champak said true? ‘I am afraid he might’ve seen. The scary bride.

Today, he had heard the sound of the anklets and also, someone singing. I am sure the scary bride has made Mohanlal place her home. No, Yesterday, BhideSophismsMadhavi, Mos. Roshan’ ‘had gone there to check. None of them saw anything.

Today, even Mr. Mehta didn’t hear any sounds. No, This is only the imagination of Mr. Champak. But why is he imagining only these things?

If he was really hallucinating’ ‘then he could’ve seen a man, a dog, or anything else. ”Why did he see only the scary bride? ‘I am sure it is the scary bride. ”No. I’ll stay back here tonight. I won’t return home. Nothing is more important than my life. Tell me, Abdul.

Is everything fine there? Yes, Mr. Popat, everything is fine. Mr. Champak has gone to bed. Mr. Popat, sorry that I have called you again. The thing is, if I didn’t have to return home then I wouldn’t have called you. I know. Tell me, why have you called?

Mr. Popat, how long will you take to come here? Please, come. I’ll be waiting for you here. Okay, I’ll come, Mr. Popat. ‘What do I do? Should I go or not?

No, noni can’t be so selfish. ‘I have taken the responsibility ‘of taking care of Mr. Champak for the entire night. ‘Even Abdul has to return home.

I’ll have to return to Gokuldham.” Sitting here and feeling scared won’t help. I should go. ‘I should muster the courage. ‘Let me trust in God and leave for Gokuldham. ‘It is such a scary night. Not a soul on the streets.

I don’t see even a single auto rick Shaw. Hey Auto. Stop. Hey, stop. Auto, stop. Gokuldham. Where do you want to go, Mr. Popatlaal? No, Nowhere.

Nowhere. You may go. Leave. Mister, why did you stop the auto-rickshaw if you didnt want to hire? Sorry, sorry. What is happening to me today? Auto rickshaw, stop. What is it?

Hey! What are you doing? Are you an auto-rickshaw driver? What! Will you take me to Gokuldham Society in Powder lane? Get ingot in from others. No problem. Let’s go. ‘Scary bride. ‘After she died, she has become a ghost.

Since she didnt get married ‘she attacks unmarried people, so that, they too won’t get married. Mister, why are the streets so dark today? Because of the rains, the streetlights are not working. This happens all the time.

Do you work at night every day? Yes, sir. The whole night. I go to sleep only at8 in the morning, sir. Tell me something, mister. Have you heard about the scary bride? Oh, my God! Why did you bring up that topic?

Have you heard about the scary bride? I have not only heard about her but also have seen her. You. You have seen the scary bride, is it? Yes, sir. She is very dangerous, sir. When did you see her? I see her every day, sir. What! Every day!

Yes, sir. I do a night duty to save myself from her. What? I meant, my wife, moreover Sir, I am working at night to save myself from her. Likewise, I am not talking about your wife. Then? The scary bride is not a human.

She is a ghost. She scares everyone, also she attacks unmarried men. Sir, stop scaring meat night. Hey! Why are you screaming?

Look into the auto-rickshaw next to yours. The other side. There arent any auto-rickshaws near us. Sir, for God’s sake, stop scaring me. And sit with your eyes closed. Okay. Why is she playing hide-and-seek with me? Come on, get down.

Why? See there, we have reached your Society. OH, yes. Mister, enter the Society compound. No, likewise sir. I won’t enter the Society compound, sir.

Hey, you may charge Rs. 10 extra for it. Sir, not just Rs.10I won’t come inside even if you give me Rs. 50 extra. Mister, try to understand. I am feeling very scared. Sir, even I am feeling scared. Sir, your fare is Rs. 113.

Pay me my fare. I will leave. Image By Youtube What trouble has I got into! Here you go, mister. Keep the change. Okay, sir. Popatlaal has a strange and amazing association with the word Bride Popatlaal has always dreamt of his bride.

He is always lost in the thoughts of his bride. But now, he has heard about such a bride whose mere thought sends a chill down Popatlaal‘s spine.

The scary bride. The scary bride stays in unoccupied house attacks unmarried men and doesn’t let them get married. And the fear about this scary bride has made its way into Popatlaal‘s mind. Popatlaal is entering the Society compound now.

We’ll have to see whether his fears come true. Is he going to come face to face with this scary bride? Will the scary bride scare him?

Or else, will he manages to escape from her? There are a lot of you who know quite well that Popatlaal is in very bad condition.

But your family will be having a laughter riot when you watch Taarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chashmah. Keep watching, keep laughing. Think what will happen to Popatlaal?


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