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The Mystery Deepens TMKOC EP 2534

Hello, Friends My New Article The Mystery Deepens TMKOC EP 2534. I hope you enjoy it.

Written By Ishwar Chaudhari

Updated At 27 April 2021


Sodhi, I do not want to go. There’s nothing here. Come. Popatlaal, you’re doing well.

Now, look around. Let’s start from here. There’s nothing in here.


Did you find Mystery anything at all?


Nothing, right? What happened? What is it? Over there! What is it? These are witch bride’s bangles and nuptial chains.

Popatlaal! Oh, my God! What happened! What happened, Madhavi? Look. What? Footprints! Popatlaal, calm down.

How come there are footprints on the wall? A human being can’t walk on a wall. What is this? It’s not a human being.

It’s a scary, witch bride. There’s nothing in there. Let’s go. What are you doing? Move. I won’t spare. Let’s leave. OH, Lord! Save us!

Just come with milord, save us. Help. Somebody, please help us. Dear, let me. Let’s go from here. Hey. Let’s go. Let me see, dear.

Save me! Oh, God. Let’s go. Come here. That was so scary! Mystery I had warned you. We all have seen what’s in there.

Sodhi, come with us. Popatlaal. Let’s go, Sodhi. Everybody has gone back to Mehta place again. Somebody, please help us.


What are you doing?


Please help us. Save us. Didn’t I tell you there was a monster in, there? You guys are unbelievable. Why did you guys run from there?

Roshan, are you out of your mind? There was a nuptial chain. There were bangles. And there was a writer in the bold letters. ‘Get out of here.’ And what about that scary laughter?

These proofs are enough for a normal person to believe there’s a ghost in that flat. Yes. Cool down, dear. Please do not get mad at me.

How do you expect me to react then? My dear friend, Sodhi, why do not you believe there’s a ghost? When I have not seen the ghost, how can I vouch for it?

Come on, Sodhi! Ghosts are invisible. Mr. Sodhi, you’re right that we couldn’t see the ghost but did not, hear its voice?

Mr. Sodhi, how could you say there’s no ghost? Mystery On the door, there was this writing. Get out of here! And we also found footprints in the house, did not we?

Well, the door was locked and it’s not humanly possible to go in and come out, right?
How did someone forecast that we all were going to be there?

What about the footprints on the wall? How could anyone walk on a wall? Answer me! You’re right. Sodhi, slowly but surely I’ve concluded there’s a ghost in that flat.

What is this, Bide? Roshan, any person in their right mind will believe it. That flat is haunted by the ghost of a bride. Yes, there’s something. There was a nuptial chain.

How is that possible? Listen, the ghost is crying. No, it is not the ghost, but Popatlaal, why are you crying?

She won’t let it happen. She will not let me marry. God, I had planned so much for my wedding. I’ve saved money for it.

I’ve got the Sherwin stitched. Mystery I even know where I’ve to go for my honeymoon. I’ve also bought a photo frame where you can insert two photos. Look, what’s happening now.

Popatlaal, please pull yourself together.

Popatlaal, please pull yourself together. I can’t calm down. This is injustice. I wouldn’t have been this sad if I was a brand-new bachelor.

I’ve been a bachelor for years now. I deserve to be married, do not I? Popatlaal, please calm down. Nobody can stop you from getting married.

She will. She will not let me marry. This scary ghost of a bride will not let me have a bride. Popatlaal, we’ll find a solution to your problem.
Let’s focus on the problem that we have on hand, please. Yes. Friends, stop being scared. Monsters, a ghost of a bride, is nothing but gibberish.

I do not believe in these things at all. This is superstition. Ayers, you are a scientist. Why do not you talk some sense into them?

Sodhi, whatever I witnessed in that flat even science can’t explain it. Did you listen to him? I do not know. I’m scared, too.
What? I’ll tell you what, let’s hire a Mystery exorcist. MS. Madhavi. Yes. When we have not seen the ghost.


Why do we need an exorcist Mystery?


That’s not right. Well, you guys can hire an exorcist but inform the police first. It’s very important. It’s not a police case.

He’s right. Police do not catch ghosts. Right. No. Mr. Pop is right. Police have to protect us.

They have to protect us regardless of whether it’s from evil people or evil powers.

Call them. Call the police. They’ll protect us. I, too, think that we should call the police. Yes, we should.

Yes. What will you tell the police? Mystery Will, we say that we went to Mohanlal’s house we’re afraid there might be a ghost there.

And we’re scared? Do not listen to Sodhi, Bide. Mystery Take my phone and call the police.
What are you waiting for? Take the phone.

I was just surprised as you gave, me your phone to make a call. Just call them. He is scared. What’s wrong, sir?


Why do you look so angry?


I look angry because I am angry. How can I not be angry?
Do you know about that old house at Peter Road Mystery? The one which is in ruins, right? Yes! Exactly.

The neighbors of that house complained that someone has been scaring them using light from the past few days at sharp 9:10 p.m.

They said that it was a ghost. Then? What else? I found it ridiculous. I went to the ruins. Likewise, I sneaked in and yelled, who’s there?

Two innocent kids from the neighborhood were playing with lights by focusing them on the wall. When I yelled, who’s there?

They threw light on my face and started playing with media was touched. How can innocent kids be ghosts? People get scared for no reason.

Believing in ghosts is a mental disorder and such people should be got a doctor and get it cured. But, they come to the police.

I’m from the holy city of Bananas. I hate superstition. We won’t encourage superstition in society. Got it? I understand, sir. Please calm down, sir.

Have a seat. Sit. How is your son? He is good, sir. Will he become a police officer or plan to do something else? Wait a minute.

Hello, are cops there? Hey. Bide! Do you think you’d find doctors in a police station?

I’m Aatmaram Tukaram Bide, the secretary of Gokuldham. Oh. Tell me, Mr. Bide. What’s wrong? Why did you call us at this hour?

Mr. Pandey. Why? What happened? Everyone in the Gokuldham Society is scared.

Is everything okay? Nothing is good, Mr. Pandey. Why? What happened? Everyone in the Gokuldham Society is scared.

He said that everyone in the Gokuldham is scared. Are they really scared? Who is the one scaring you?
I can’t tell you everything on a call, Mr. Pandey. I request you to come here as soon as possible and protect us. We have to protect people.

Yes. Tell us, who is posing threat to you. The situation is very scary, Mr. Pandey. Everyone’s scared. I can’t tell you who exactly we’re scared of.

Why can’t you? Because I do not know. The scary bride.

You know that you’re in danger, but you do not know who is posing a threat to you! What rubbish! Wash your face, freshen up, and call the Mumbai Police.

Okay? The situation is very complicated, Mr. Pandey. I can’t explain it to you on phone. Please come here, factor sends someone here.

We need police protection. It sounds serious. Okay. I’m coming there. Yes. Thank you. Mr. Pandey. What? I have a request.

Enter the society stealthily, like a thief. What? You expect a cop to come there like a thief! No mean, come quietly.
What do you mean?

Do you think we create a lot of ruckuses? Do we yell,’ we are the police! ‘Hello! We are the police! ‘Did we ever do that?

I mean, please do not turn on the siren of your car. OH, very smart! You should’ve said it likes that.

I was hurt when you told me to come there like a thief. I cannot act like a thief in this uniform. Sorry. Be specific when you say something.

The residents of Gokuldham always confuse people. I’m sorry. Hang up the phones that we can come there.
Okay. Thank you. Is he coming?

Yes. I’m sorry, Patil. We need to go to Gokuldham. Tell your family that we do not know when we’d return.

It’s raining very heavily. Yes, sir. Do you want to get drenched? No, sir. Carry your raincoats.
Okay? Sir. Come on, move.

Bide. What? When will the police come? Give me the phone, I’ll ask them. They might be here soon.

I think he is, scared anymore. Please, God, save me. What are you doing, Popatlaal?

Everyone is scared, and you’re making it worse. Please calm down.
What happened? What was that noise?

Mr. Champak What happened? What was that noise, Abdul? It came from the compound. What made that noise? I do not know.

Take a rest, I’ll go and check. Wait. I do not want to be alone. Wait. I’m coming with you. Come, sir.

What was that noise?

What was that noise Mystery? OH, my God. Did a place get struck by lightning? I think the scary bride knows that we called the police.

She is mad at us. What? She is trying to strike us with lightning. Refrain the police from coming here, Bide. What are you saying, Popatlaal?


How would she know?


Calm down. We’re already scared. Do not say such things. Stop guessing, friends. Let’s go out and check.

Have you lost it, Sodhi? What has happened to you?


Do you want to see the scary bride?


We’ll just check the source of the noise. Roshan, that’s enough, okay? I won’t allow you to go out. Do not worry, Roshan. We have the blessings of God with us.

Bide and Ayers, come with me. What? Me? Bide, you’re the secretary of Gokuldham Society. It’s your responsibility to check any loss over there.

Yes. But why should I come along? You’re the treasurer, Ayers. If there’s any loss then aren’t you accountable to check that?

Sodhi, even Popatlaal the member of the committee. I do not want to be a part of the committee. I resign from it at this very moment.

I’d say that all of you should go there. But if you see something scary then come back at once. And we’ll think about it tomorrow.

Yes, we’ll come back immediately. Okay. Do not worry, Mos. Madhavi. I am there. Bide and Ayers, let’s go! Are you coming, Popatlaal? OH! Calm down.

Let’s go. Do not worry, dear. Be careful, Roshan. Sure. Come. Let’s go. What are you doing? Be ahead of me. Okay. Nothing is visible, Sodhi.

I think we have heard some other noise. Let’s go back. Let’s go back. Bide! Ayers, let’s go. Let’s go. Take your umbrellas. Sodhi! Did you hear that the friends?

What? Someone is calling me. Mr. Bide! No, Sodhi, someone is calling out my name. Ayers! No one is calling you both. Someone is calling me.

Who’s it. Up here. Look upstairs! It’s you, sir! Listen. Do not tell him about whatever we saw at Mohanlal’s place or else he’ll stay awake throughout the night. Okay.

What? No. Why are you still awake, sir? I just heard some noise a few moments ago. Didn’t you hear that? Yes, it was a scary noise.

Yes. Sir, and Abdul, there’s nothing to be alarmed about. It was just the noise of a thunderstorm.

Both of you, go and sleep. Yes. But what are you are doing downstairs at this hour?

We’re keeping an eye on society, sir. So that you can sleep peacefully. Now get inside and sleep. Go, sleep. Abdul! Let’s get in.

Thank God, he went in. Now, let’s go and check the source of that noise. Yes. We didn’t look for it. Look around. Hey, look there. There’s something over there.

Where? There. Look that dish moved. It looks like a plate. Yes. It looks like a part of some UFO. What! What are you saying, Bide? Flying soccer.

UFO. The one that the aliens use to commute.


What are you saying?


First, you said that it’s a ghost. Now you’re saying that it’s an alien. From when did aliens start wearing bangles and nuptial chains?

You’re right, Sodhi. How would aliens know our language? How can an alien write, ‘go away from here!’? Yes, let’s go and check it. Come. Stop. What happened?

Look, who’s there! Who’s there? Friends. Did you hear that noise? What can it be? Such a loud noise on this stormy night.

Did the scary bride decide to attack us? Is she upset with us? Is she punishing us for entering her house? What’s going on? Or, is this a new problem?

Who’s advancing with slow steps towards Gokuldham? Was that the alarm of this new trouble? I am confused. Is it an evil spirit? What’s going on?

The text on Mohanlal door. Go away from here! Then the bangles nuptial chain, footprints. We’re already terrified by that sight and this new blast. This is a new problem.


What is this Mystery?

Who is their Mystery?

Who can it be Mystery?


Do not worry, there might be many such blasts here, but your house will be filled with the blast of entertainment when you’ll watch ‘Taarak Meta Volta Chashmah. ‘Keep watching, keep smiling, and keep thinking. Who’s this?


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